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Book: Urdu To English Dictionary PDF

Type: Dictionary

Size: 10 Mb

This is the first book I read. So far I have learned about the author’s writing from everyone. So I really wanted to read a book. I did not expect to fall into the trap of the author’s writing in this way. No matter what story-novel I read, usually each character always becomes visible before my eyes. The same thing happened with “Evening Names”. The more I read from one page to the next, the more I was lost in the depths of each character in a fascination. What a life people have!

That life is like a sheet called in a fog, the whole of which can never be clearly understood in one life.
River is the eldest daughter of a middle-class family. In his father’s illness, he tried his best to keep the family alone. Sajal came to light this long difficult path and turned on the light. In this light the river seemed to be realizing its dreams one by one. But even in this dreamy life, fragments of clouds came and froze. This loving life was shattered by the roar of the clouds! However, little Rooney unknowingly tried to tie his parents in the same thread again. But in the end did Rooney manage to tie them completely?

One of the most mysterious characters in the novel is Fazlu Mia. After much thought, I could not identify this Fazlu Mia as good or bad. At one point it seemed that no matter what the man did, his mind was at least good and kind. But when the closest person killed Helal for his own sake, I was in a dilemma.
Nitu! This character has attracted the most attention. The girl is alive, keeping the endless sorrows in her bosom with so much care. This dying girl taught me how to accept the horrible reality in silence. Why is it so bad for Antu? I could not correct a mistake even in love like crazy all my life. In fact, life is like this, whose “some wounds never dry up. Some painful memories are never erased.”

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Like every other character, the characters of Akib, Raihan, Shaila Begum and Shashadhar have also touched the heart. The whole storyline is pretty cool.
At the end of the novel, I will say —–
“The city of the evening knows your name,
Rose is so proud of the darkness!
Rose cries so much in the corner of her chest,
The deep city of the night knows your name. “

Urdu to English Dictionary Free Download pdf for offline use and online use. Urdu to English Dictionary in pdf record configuration is outlined remembering the needs of Urdu talking individuals who need to learn English and regularly need to make an interpretation of Urdu words into English. You can discover the English significance of just about all Urdu words. This is the first offline Urdu to English Dictionary on the web with more than 27000 words, Urdu words are in Urdu fonts, the entire dictionary is downloadable.

Urdu To English Dictionary PDF Free Download Or Read Online

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