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Ubqari Urdu Wazaif by Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Chughtai Books PDF Free Download

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Book: Ubqari Urdu Wazaif by Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Chughtai Books PDF Free Download

Author: Hakeem Tariq Mehmood

Size: 23 Mb

After the death of the father of a thirteen-year-old schoolboy from a very low-income family named Bajrakumar Haran, he went to work on his mother’s orders. The first step in becoming a Buddhist monk is called shramana. The life of a shramana or a monk is like that of a monk. However, the Shramanas left home and followed Gautama Buddha himself. They live in Buddhist monasteries or pagodas or temples.
After Shramana, Vajrakumar’s name was changed to Shramana Gautamananda. For example, from Siddhartha, Gautam Buddha is named Shramana Gautam.

Shramana and Shramana cannot be confused. Shramana is the follower of Shramana and Shramana is the omniscient i.e. Gautama Buddha himself. In 1991, Bipradash Barua, a writer who won the Sahitya Puraskar of the Bangla Academy, described in just 312 pages several parts of the entire life of this Shramana Gautam or Bajrakumar Haran. The events of the novel flow in the language of a good man, i.e. Shramana Gautam. However, in some places, the novelist himself has helped Shramana to explain some of the characters. The whole novel is centered on Chittagong, especially the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

I have never read a novel with such a perfect description of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. The author, who won the Ekushey Padak in 2014, was born in Ichhamati village of Chittagong. So it is needless to say that any other special eye of the writer has worked to see Chittagong. The author is undoubtedly a high-level nature-lover. Because in this novel, page after page is just a great description of trees, animals, birds, plants, leaves, flowers, fruits, canals, rivers, mountains, sea and sky-wind. Even if a reader who thinks of himself as a nature-lover can read this novel and say that he did not like it, it can be said without hesitation that the nature-love of this reader is merely a show.

While reading the novel, the reader will fall in love with Kishore Shraman’s complex and difficult lifestyle. It will also be devotional to see the same teenager grow up by following all the complex rules and regulations of such a difficult life.
It is normal for Shramanas to live alone like saints but from the beginning of this story we see a number of special characters around Shramana with whom Shramana has a very deep relationship. Like his school-college friend-friend, a former football player in the neighborhood who can’t even walk well now, a left-wing wise politician in the area, a former shraman who is now almost mad, another shraman of the same age, and so on.

The most tragic thing about this novel is that none of these characters are lasting in Shramana’s life. Someone is dying or someone is leaving the village and going elsewhere.
In Islam, just as Adam (pbuh), the first man on earth, was expelled from Paradise at the instigation of Eve (pbuh), so the protagonist of the novel, Vajrakumar, also fell into the trap of Maya, a childless married woman named Aleya (Alo). ) Left and fell on the way. From here, his new life begins. Rebirth within life.
Every special female character in Shraman’s life is the main life force of the novel. The importance of restraint in the life of a monk and the terrible nature of the mirage of femininity in the life of a monk are important parts, though not the main story of this novel.

There is spiritual philosophy throughout most of the novel. Towards the end, the author has just lost sight of page after page. Then it seems that Shramana Gautam is not a fabricated story. The author will make the readers face an absolute true story again and again. I think I really understand that Gautam is sitting in front of a real follower of Buddha and listening to his life-philosophy.
The novel deals with language movement, liberation war, superstitious rural life, exiled tribal life (Chakma and Marma) to the life of two prostitutes.

The author explains the dynamics, rhythm and sweetness of life by comparing it with nature. While reading this novel, the reader will sometimes get lost in the lure of eating mangoes from other people’s trees in summer. Never again will you be lost in another world full of the uninhabited, deep shadows of civilization and the silence of the deep forest. The reader will not find any similarity in this world with the world with which he has a previous acquaintance. Sometimes the reader will want to leave home and go to the deep forest to live. I don’t think the reader will think twice about exchanging any wealth in the world for a life like that of Vajra Kumar, the protagonist of the novel.

Ubqari Urdu Wazaif by Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Chughtai Books PDF Free Download

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