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The Four Agreements PDF Download by Don Miguel Ruiz

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Book: The Four Agreements PDF Download by Don Miguel Ruiz

Author: Don Miguel Ruiz

 TitleThe Four Agreements PDF
 AuthorDon Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements Book Review

After reading the book, it seems that it claims to be ‘one of the best. The book has an extraordinary ability to drag you to the end. Personally, it seemed better than ‘Silence of the Lambs’.

After regaining consciousness, the man discovers himself in the sand on the beach. But surprisingly, the man can’t remember anything before him, not even his own name. With the help of an elderly woman, he was able to return to his cottage. All the places in the cottage seemed familiar to her; He even unknowingly called the dog in his house, But the memory of the past does not come to mind at all.

He began to search his house if he could find out anything about his own identity and work! He searched the house, found some papers, birth certificates, and named them McLean. But he was not familiar with the information he received about his work. Strangely enough, he discovered that he knew many things, but he could not remember how he knew or what he had to do with them.

Eventually, he shares everything with one of his neighbors, Sally, and finds out he was writing a book about Flan Island. Surprisingly, he searched every file in his house and on his computer but did not find any information or marks in his book. When his head was about to go bad, he decided to go to Neil McLean’s house. Finding the address from the birth certificate found at home, he went to Neil McLean’s house, but surprisingly, neither Neil’s wife nor his daughter recognized him. Instead, she found out that a man named Neil McLean had died two years earlier!
So who is he? Why was everyone calling him Neil McLean? How did Neil McLean’s papers come to him? And what would he do in the name of others?

The memoryless man found a map in his cottage where it was marked on the side of Coffin Road. When he heard from Sally about Coffin Road, he learned that if people on the east coast of Harris died, they would come and bury them in the mountains of the west because the soil in the east was so hard. More surprising was the fact that when the weather was bad, coffin-bearers would stop at the side of the road and dump the corpses, or just bury them somewhere and make a pile of stones. But he didn’t realize what he had to do with this Coffin Road! Eventually he decided to go to Coffin Road.

At his marked spot on Coffin Road, he discovered some bee hives that were very secretly stored. Strangely, he also noticed bee bite marks on his own hand. But it did not occur to him what relationship he might have with the bees. I heard from Sally that she would often go to Flan Island. But the reason for going there is unknown to him now. He decided to go to Flan Island once, if his memory is back! But on his way to Flan Island he discovers a corpse and returns quickly in fear. Police investigating the murder found that a man named Neil McNeil often visited Flan Island, and he did so on the day of the murder.

Naturally, Neil McLean’s name was added to the list of police suspects. During the interrogation, the police identified the bee bite marks on the corpse’s hand along with the bee bite marks on Neel’s hand. But the man named Neil could not explain it. Where did the bee bites in the hands of the two of them come from? So did he do the murder?

Lesson feedback:
After finishing the book, at first I thought, another great thriller has been added to my reading list. The story begins with a surprise, where a man discovers himself on the shore of consciousness and has no memory. Each subsequent episode was also full of excitement. The author has spread the net of one mystery after another for a long time Later, at the right time, he broke the web of mystery and brought the truth to the fore nicely. Reading the book, it never occurred to me that the author was in a hurry to create one mystery after another or to break the web of mystery. On the contrary, I was shocked after every mystery was revealed. Each character in the story seems to have been measured.

The small incidents in the whole novel were also intertwined with each other, no story was told in a hurry just to make the novel bigger. That’s why I never got bored while reading. Each character had specific tasks here and they did their job nicely. Is the only thing still unknown to me is, how did the man lose his memory? Maybe there is a psychological explanation of this that is unknown to me.

Not just mystery, the story had a touch of science fiction, which added a little more dimension to the feel. Since I was very curious about the scientific information, especially about the bees, after finishing the book I did some research myself and found that the information was largely true. The funny thing is that the author has also dedicated the book to bees! This is because reading the book will certainly not be a problem for the reader to understand.

The Four Agreements PDF Download by Don Miguel Ruiz

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