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The Forty Rules of love in Urdu PDF Download

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Book: The Forty Rules of love in Urdu PDF Download

Author: Elif Shafak

Size: 12 Mb

Forty Rules of Love Novel of Rumi in Urdu Chalees Charag Eshk Ke written by Elif Sharak and translate into the Urdu language by Huma Anwar. 

Not merely solving the mystery, but this time the destiny chose Missy Ali as a tool to accomplish her great work. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way.
Lily is an impeccably beautiful and sharp-witted girl. Lily came to Missy Ali with a letter from her disabled husband Sultan. The letter contained five alluring baits to take Missy Ali to their garden house. Miss Ali did not swallow the bait. However, for some strange reason, Miss Ali finally changed her mind and ignored the student’s invitation to go on a sea voyage and decided to go with Lily.

Is this change the result of Lily’s success? Or a very small part of a master plan of nature?
At the first sight of the huge prison-like enclosed house, an unreasonable fear engulfed Missy Ali. With the exception of Lily and Sultan, the entire house is occupied by one doorman and three dogs. The people of the house are mysterious.

Missy Ali gets a hint of something different in their behavior. Adjacent to the house was also a mysterious ink temple and well stained with the evil blood of atrocities. A supernatural event also took place in the life of the Sultan. The letter also mentioned a girl with ESP powers. Some terrifying incidents happened with Missy Ali. Mystery gradually covered him. As long as he can catch the horrible truth hidden behind everything, his life is in danger.

Miss Ali means a feeling of loneliness, lost in another world for a while. If you enter the world created by the author, there is no salvation Mystery and anxiety prevent all the way out. So it is impossible not to finish the book in one sitting. “I am Miss Ali” is no exception.
At one point intense panic came and engulfed me Speaking of the author or the fate of the world created by the author, no one will have the ability to show the courage or cruelty to finish Missy Ali. This general realization also seemed to disappear in a panic. In the end, Missy Ali proves once again how foolish it is to be her opponent in the Cold War. However, the story ends in a hurry. The feeling of panic and anxiety is extinguished. The book could have been much more enjoyable if not for such recklessness.
Personal rating – 7.5 / 10

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Ranju is the ‘Gopal Bhar’ of the story. Everyone laughs at Ranju’s joke, except Meera. Meera is Renu’s elder sister. The youngest daughter in the family is named Renu. Their family is like a lower-middle class family. For those who suffer all their lives, peace is like a dream for them. In middle class families, deprivation is always more. However, it took a more frightening turn when Renu’s father went abroad on business and disappeared. Renu’s life became more and more difficult.

There is a lack of food in the house, the money runs out. In the midst of all bad times there is a good time who unselfishly gives shade like a tree in times of danger. Mr. Sulaiman, the owner of that tree in the story. However, Renu’s fate is so bad that even the shadow above his head is taken away by Bidhata. The eldest son Ranju takes all the responsibilities of the family. They run around for jobs but there is no profit. Tuition then became the only viable. Even in such a bad time of the family, everyone has a smile on their face. Seeing someone does not mean that they are in a big crisis. Renu in particular, there is no way to understand him. The whole story confuses everyone.

Yet it is not understood how he is. Not good, bad. Time does not stop for anyone, good times come after bad times. But I know why Renu’s bad times don’t turn into good times.
Why is the life of a middle-class family so difficult? Why don’t they get the mercy of society? The author gives these notable examples in the story.

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The Forty Rules of love in Urdu PDF Download

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