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Surah Al Ahzab Full Download PDF

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Book: Surah Al Ahzab Full Download PDF

Type: Surah

Size: 12Mb

After many days, I came back to the world of reading with the middle class book. Nothing extraordinary, but I have always felt that this is my story. Very fluent eloquence, short lines, no attempt to make the story bigger, nothing superfluous. The story seemed to be dragging itself out. In a word, it is not bad to come back with the middle class.
Speaking of books, The story of the middle class book is very simple for a middle class boy.

His story is like most middle-class boys. He loves a girl named Mahbuba whom he teaches art to. There is a little sister at home who is crazy about chocolate. There are father and mother. The boy has his own boundaries in Shunshan Apon Villa in the village, just like any other middle-class boy.
Normal life is turned upside down when the mother’s illness suddenly increases.

My mother was taken to Kolkata. With father, uncle and younger sister. First he got up at a hotel. The mother’s body is so bad that it is not even prepared to operate a few times. Dad went back to the country to sell the land and send money, send money, the money fell into the hands of a fraudster again. As the cost is high, you have to leave the hotel in a rented house. In the midst of all these adversities, the mother goes for treatment.

In the hospital, he met a girl named Buno. Once they left the rented house and went to Buno’s house. In my mind, Bunor is compared to Mahbuba in the country. Once lost in the wild trying to forget again. The storyteller reminds himself that there is only one cure for middle-class boys. Forget it.
Once an old girlfriend of my father took place in the story. Take a tour of Kolkata with the storyteller.

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Many questions are submitted to the storyteller’s mind. The level of feeling of middle-class boys seems to be a little higher. Even then he sometimes feels numb. Police found them in passport trouble. The mother’s treatment is almost stopped. In the midst of so much trouble, he wants to forget everything. Because forgetting is the best medicine.

Surah Al Ahzab Full Download PDF

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