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Shadi Se Pehle Shaadi Ke Baad Urdu Book By Syed Mubeen Akhtar PDF Download

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Book: Shadi Se Pehle Shaadi Ke Baad Urdu Book By Syed Mubeen Akhtar PDF Download

Author: Syed Mubeen Akhtar

Book Review:

Love comes in someone’s life for a moment Then that love ends again. But the love of some people’s lives never runs out. They fall in love at least. From love to the last breath of life for the man who leaves the world forever. We have met a few such people in the novel ‘Abhimanini’. Those who are born for love, leave the world to live in love again.
Well, we don’t see much about giving up on love, do we?

Or less people are born to give their husbands to someone, isn’t it? Or even after marrying a man, when he spends his whole life remembering his ex, and his current wife doesn’t bother about it at all, it is very rare to meet people. But in the novel ‘Abhimanini’ we have met these rare people.
Love laughs, love cries. Love teaches you how to sacrifice yourself. Love teaches how to be patient. None of this is what we see in this ‘arrogant’ novel of triangular love.

The character ‘Ditia’ is one of the favorite characters of this novel. What is patience? This character has explained it very well. I would not have been able to realize how I had to endure my love for eight years without seeing this character. Even after hearing her husband’s deprivation, humiliation and insult, the man was still holding on to her husband. Her husband’s house had collapsed even though she had not seen him for seven years. In love without self-interest, she has forgotten the wound of burning her husband’s heart.

He has kept his family safe with love. After a long wait, she found her husband. Only those who have waited for themselves will understand the feeling of that time. Ditiya is successful. Successful is his patience, waiting and love. He has kept the silent alive with his love.
What does the ‘silent’ character mean by love? I have been able to understand the pain of losing even after getting this character very well. This character explains how two people can fall in love together. She explained that her first love was true love. He still loves his mansi. In the secret chamber of the mind even today there is an allotment of love for his mansi. This love will remain like this till death. Silent cries are confined to the four walls.

His pain is really different! As the best lover as a silent lover, he is also the best husband as a husband!
I found this character ‘Mansi’ weak. I think it is better to call a person who has taken leave for the rest of his life by handing over the love of childhood and adolescence to others as weak. In terms of the novel he may get the title of great character, but as a man he is weak. But he could not keep his word. He said he was willing to wait a lifetime for his silence. But he did not speak. Everyone has gone too far by cheating. Teaching love to the man of love, he went into hiding. It has become a custom in our society not to talk. Holding the other hand instead of one hand is a custom! Mansi is also such a character. Acknowledging the situation, he handed over the people he loves to others and set them free for life!
‘Adri, Orpi’ is the pairing of these two sisters in my most favorite novel. I was fascinated by the intelligence, naughtiness and love of these two. The bond between the two is also very beautiful. We have come to know the story of the triangular love of Nirab, Mansi and Ditiya for both of them.
Also Ananya, Sourav, Mona Lisa, Nirber’s mother each character is successful from their own place. As I laughed at everyone’s happiness, I cried at everyone’s sorrow.


“God has given men two more abilities. One woman has the ability to cry and two women have the ability to stop crying.”
I never really understood him. If I had known before that he was so arrogant, I would have given up and just tried to understand him! “I can’t say who I love more, who I loveless, but I love both of them wholeheartedly. And I have no guilt in that.”
“Sleeping together. Did you touch me once a day? Why didn’t you touch me? Do I have a contagious disease? Am I contagious?”
“I was drinking the nectar of her lips and the non-poison of tears at the same time!”
“If someone is not beautiful, the outfit cannot make him beautiful. The job of the outfit is to bring out the hidden beauty.”
There are some more amazing quotes in this book.

Shadi Se Pehle Shaadi Ke Baad Urdu Book By Syed Mubeen Akhtar PDF Download

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