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Science Aur Islam By Allama Husain Afandi PDF Download Free Urdu Books

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Book: Science Aur Islam By Allama Husain Afandi PDF Download Free Urdu Books

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It was at that time that he saw the futility of Western power. Raktakarbi is one of the notable plays written by him out of the realization that the turbulent society and politics inside and outside the country had an effect on the poet’s mind. The main theme of the Raktakarbi drama is the clash of youth, beauty, and life with material power and the power of accumulated wealth.

The play is very short but each of its characters and dialogues shakes the reader’s world of thought and gives a higher level of joy. Reading from the beginning to the end of this play, one can understand the importance of nature and beauty in human life and society. Wealth, property, glory may be able to achieve many difficult things, but this love of nature is deprived of many easy achievements due to lack of beauty practice.

The more people practice nature and love beauty, the easier, more beautiful and joyful life will become. And as the tendency to increase wealth increases, people’s lives will become harder and harder. At some point, the burden of energy will crush itself invisibly. After reading the play ‘Raktakarbi’ in full, I realized, Apart from nature, love, beauty practices, only day and night wealth and prestige cannot make people happy in any way. People became majestic. The ability to control this load or energy is not within the reach of human beings.

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People can’t pull the reins even if they want to. This power will haunt people day and night. It is normal for people to have trouble in life. Nature, love, beauty can make life easier in the midst of that suffering. These ingredients are the lifeblood of human beings. This sap forgets the hardships of human life. And when there is no beauty practice in people, people take death juice for lack of juice to forget this pain. Which forgets the suffering of the people and at the same time kills the people.

Sardar Gana and Raja are the characters of the mighty material power of the play. Who have always been at odds with Nandini, the symbol of beauty and youth. As a result, a class of people is running out of sesame seeds. And the chief and the king are flourishing. In the end, they are not able to balance themselves.

Science Aur Islam By Allama Husain Afandi PDF Download Free Urdu Books

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