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Power Up Your Mind PDF Download by Bill Lucas

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Book: Power Up Your Mind PDF Download by Bill Lucas

Author: Bill Lucas

 TitlePower Up Your Mind PDF Download : Learn Faster, Work Smarter
 AuthorBill Lucas
 EditionNicholas Brealey Publishing

Power Up Your Mind PDF Book Intro

Power Up Your Mind PDF shows us how to use the capacity of our minds and how to learn effectively.
The conclusions drawn in this manual are the result of several years of research in several areas including neurosciencemotivation theorydietmemory, and psychology.

This fruitful work provides us with a new model of learning effectively.
In order to do that, the author, Bill Lucas, emphasizes the importance of knowing and understanding how to brain works, and then connects it with the reality of our workplaces.

Power Up Your Mind PDF Download Review

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Power Up Your Mind PDF: Learn Faster, Work Smarter is a self-development and lifestyle reference, written by Bill Lucas and published for the first time in 2001.

Bill Lucas is an American professor and writer.
In addition to that, He is the Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning at the University of Winchester.
An acknowledged thought-leader in education, Bill has been a school leader and the founder of two national educational charities.

Power Up Your Mind PDF Download by Bill Lucas

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