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Peer e Kamil PDF Download By Umera Ahmed in Urdu

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Book: Peer e Kamil PDF Download By Umera Ahmed in Urdu

Author: Umera Ahmed

Size: 23Mb

Peer e Kamil Novel by Umera Ahmed in Urdu Download PDF Free read online. Pir e Kamil significance The Perfect Mentor is a fiction novel created by Pakistani essayist Umera Ahmad. It was first of all disbursed in Urdu in 2004 and later in English in 2011. The e-book manages the defining moments in mediating lives of individuals: a runaway young lady named Imama Hashim; and a child named Salar Sikander having an IQ level over 150. 

It is a sequel to the author’s first novel, Ventriloquist. Those who have read Ventriloquist know the identities of two friends, Rumi and Maruf, so I did not give their identities.
As a journalist for a daily newspaper, Rumi was sent to cover suicide in a house in old Dhaka. The body of one person was recovered from the inside of the closed room while the door was locked.

When Rumi became suspicious, he went to the Gurudwara of Dhaka University, where he found out that the dead man was a Sikh and an Indian national. He escaped alive from there. But it brings with it a strange thing, a large diamond.
Rumi and Maruf go to Mr. Atiq, an influential person, with the diamond for details. They know from him that the name of the diamond is “Darya e Nur”. It is the biggest diamond after Kohinoor.

Involved with this diamond, much of the history of the Indian subcontinent. Especially the Sikh community considers this diamond very valuable religiously.
Mr. Atiq informed them that his only granddaughter had been kidnapped in India by a gang for this diamond. The other side wants to snatch the diamond which is causing one murder after another.
Rumi and Maruf accidentally get involved with the mystery of a huge association.

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They know that the Sikh nation is desperate to get this diamond back, because once it is back in their hands, they will be able to make their centennial plan a reality. Violent incidents that will shock the whole world, people all over the world will recognize the Sikh community in a new way.
Will Maruf and Rumi be able to thwart such a terrible plan of the Sikh community ???? Or will they kill themselves ??? What happened to Mr. Atiq’s granddaughter Jinan? Can you bring him back Mr. Atiq ????

What will happen to Hira Darya E Noor in the end ?????? If you want to know, you have to read the book.
This is the author’s second thriller novel, the first novel also had a lot of information about a religion. This book describes the history of the Sikh nation in detail. There are also a number of important events that are fragmented. There is information about Darya e Noor diamond and its history. As a thriller, the book is selfish, there was excitement in the end. Also, at the end of the book, the author gives the name of the reference book of historical events. Although Mr. Mashudul Haque has written this story novel before, there are two thrillers in this book. There is nothing wrong with me in the book. Everyone can read. I like it very much.

Peer e Kamil PDF Download By Umera Ahmed in Urdu

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