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Book: Don’t Make Me Think PDF Download | Don’t Make Me Think ePub Download

Author: Steve Krug

Size: 20MB

“After reading it over a couple of hours and putting its ideas to work for the past five years, I can say it has done more to improve my abilities as a Web designer than any other book.”
–Jeffrey Zeldman, author of Designing with Web Standards.

You know Tita. Tita is the well-known protagonist of Wilbur Smith’s world-famous Egyptian series. This monologue, which has won the hearts of millions of readers around the world, recounts another fascinating story of ancient Egyptian civilization about three and a half thousand years ago.

After the huge readership of the previous five books of the Egyptian series, Mr. Smith handed us the ‘Pharaoh’. Once again, the series gave fans the opportunity to wander from ancient Egyptian cities to cities holding the hand of Mahamati Titter.

This story by Wilbur Smith shows the death of the mighty Pharaoh Tamos. Meanwhile, the barbaric Hiccups – who have been occupying Egypt unjustly for nearly a century – have risen to prominence. The survival of the Pharaoh dynasty has become a responsibility. In this situation, the great Tita is trying hard to save the national existence.

Just before his back was against the wall, the whole game changed with the help of an old friend. The whole of Egypt is saved. But the danger started from here. Coincidentally, Uteric Turo, the first son of the late Pharaoh Tamos, ascended the Egyptian throne. That is a person who is very insane.

The whole of Egypt was threatened by this destructive pharaoh. The life of Titter, the ever-well-wisher and friend of the royal family, was endangered by his own strange whims. In order to save his life, Tita goes into hiding and is accompanied by another member of the Egyptian dynasty, Ramesses.

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Gradually, the magical story of the novel ‘Pharaoh’ begins to enter the Lacidimon king Hurotas, Queen Tehuti, naval chief Hui, Bekatha and some other important characters, including the impeccably beautiful young Serena. The story moves forward at its own pace. Where war, ancient religions, love and even more ancient forms of civilization are frequently echoed.

And by impressing everything, the eternal duality of good with evil became apparent. And yes, that’s exactly what the reader will enjoy in the ‘excellent storytelling’ narrator.
Lesson Response: I am personally a fan of Wilbur Smith’s Egyptian series.

The story of ancient Egypt that came up in the words of Titter draws me very much. Due to the busy schedule, the book could not be started within a year of receiving ‘Pharaoh’. But when I started reading, I went forward with a sigh of relief following the course of the story. The author, like the previous books in the series, has no shortage of thrills, mysteries and adventures.

Just as he painted the cruelty of the insane ruler Utrecht Turo, so he painted the love of a group of people for the country and eloquently expressed his deep conviction to save Egypt from misrule.
There were also some mythological issues in ‘Pharaoh’.

And with that I noticed the presence of ancient magic. Of course, this did not seem superfluous to me. Rather it seemed that the story needed all these. There is nothing to be said about Shahed Zaman’s translation. He has already established his position in Bengali translation literature due to his talent.

We have seen a wonderful translation in ‘Pharaoh’. While reading, I sometimes forgot that I was reading any translation. I have never encountered any obstacle while reading the book due to its fluency and clarity. Good luck for the translator. And thanks to cover artist Rajibur Rahman Rommel for such a unique cover.

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Don’t Make Me Think PDF Download | Don’t Make Me Think ePub Download

Don’t Make Me Think PDF Download

Don’t Make Me Think ePub Download

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