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[PDF] You Are a Badass PDF Google Drive

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Book: You Are a Badass PDF Google Drive

Author: Jen Sincero

  • Genre: Education
  • Date of first publication: 2013
  • pages
  • Amazon Rating ~ 4.6/5

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The book can be easily translated to readable Russian, English, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, Bengali, Malaysian, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, German, Arabic, Japanese and many others.

Please note that the characters, names or techniques listed in You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life is a work of fiction and is meant for entertainment purposes only, except for biography and other cases. we do not intend to hurt the sentiments of any community, individual, sect or religion.

The “You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” is a great book for anyone looking to increase positivity in their life and harness the law of attraction. Jen Sincero is the author of this book. Jen Sincero is a talented writer, and her edgy, irreverent style will be inspiring and motivational to many readers. If you have read other self-help books then you probably won’t find much that’s new here. In fact, it’s really the in-your-face tone and humour in her writing that makes this book worthwhile. First, she has a very polarized view of spiritual growth that divides our lives into those that suck and those that are awesome.

The book is the life story of a middle class youth. The central character Farid is about 32 years old. She is quite skeptical about her birth month. Because, according to his father, he was born in December, and according to his family, he was born in January. Farid has been suffering from lower abdominal problems for 15 days and is trying to get admitted to the hospital but is not getting any seat. The doctor says he has a lump in his lower abdomen and needs an operation. The surgeon shrugs Farid’s shoulders and reassures him and waives the fee. He is quite skeptical about whether Farid will be able to return from the hospital on this journey.

After much effort, Farid’s friend Mansoor arranged a cabin for Farid on the recommendation of his Major General’s father-in-law. Farid’s rush to the hospital started. Mansoor packs Farid’s luggage, buys a flask to eat, along with a torch light and money. Farid’s mess neighbor Karim Sahib, mess owner Osman Gani made the final arrangements for his service. This increases Farid’s suspicions. No one in his family has been to the hospital before. As a child, her older sister went to the hospital for childbirth. But did not return alive.

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These memories made Farid groan in fear of death. Friend Rahman rented a car and brought it to go to the hospital. Farid’s other life began. Farid’s family of three brothers and two sisters lost their mother in infancy. Mezovai is in Germany but does not communicate. After being admitted to the hospital, he sees his elder brother-in-law coming to see him, his brother-in-law writing regular letters, and his stingy father inquiring. Friend Mansur’s wife is sending a flask full of tea. The surgeon in charge of the hospital’s operation is telling him a funny story. Farid likes this life. He also likes the patient in the seat next to him.

He remembers innumerable fragments of his childhood. As a child, a girl named Neelu was beaten by her father because she liked him. As a young man, her sari was torn due to going in the same rickshaw with her friend Rahman’s distant sister Jasmine. There comes a time when that final moment is “Operation”. Did Farid survive this journey? If you want to know, read “First Watch”.

This novel is the first novel of Shivram Chakraborty. In this novel, he describes the factory of a rural teenager named ‘Kanchan’. He was very wicked, fearless, grumpy and stubborn. But very aware of his rights. He was always at loggerheads with his eldest son Binod. Suddenly one day Vinod leaked all the fame to Kanchan’s father. Kanchan fears his father the most in the world. When he finds out through the servant that Vinod has complained to his father and he is very angry, he starts walking like himself because there is danger in going home.

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He reached the railway station on foot and from there went to Calcutta. He looks at Kolkata in amazement and thinks it is a dream city. He walks wherever his eyes go, he looks at the big guys and thinks that one day he will have a lot of money, then he will buy something for his mother and younger sister. Once he arrives at a wedding house where he sees a teenager named Mini and dreams of getting married.

But when he saw people and dogs eating sticky food in the morning, he started crying and ran away hiding his eyelids.
In between he only remembers his mother; He also found a friend in the middle of the city. He dreamed of learning about Mahatma Gandhi and growing up to be a great man like him. The author wants to explain in this novel how small incidents control adolescence, the difference between rich and poor and the difference between village and city.

You Are a Badass PDF Google Drive

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