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[PDF] Urdu Writing Practice Book PDF Download

Hello everybody. Today we will share Urdu Writing Practice Book PDF Download link. We hope you will enjoy this.

Book: Urdu Writing Practice Book PDF Download

Type: Writing Practice

Size: 20MB

Urdu Writing Book Easy Aasan Nastaleeq practice book in Urdu pdf for School kids  PDF Free Download or read online from this blog. Write the underlined words in front of the child with a pencil. So that they see which word or letter starts and ends. Don’t write these words too dark. Now ask your child to do double writing on your writing.

A nation that cannot criticize itself can never grow, a nation that can never prosper. Politics, philosophy, science, linguistics, history, medicine, and many other things are seen to happen in our liberation war. R. In this book by Al Siddiq Sir. The book is based on an article written by Sir in various journals before 2000. He has presented a completely different way of thinking and some touching issues in a different way.

Moreover, he has tried to expose the damage to the country due to the failure of our internal political affairs and diplomatic relations and the personal interests of the political leaders. The first article in the book was very interesting and excellent. The first article is “Joy Bangla, Our National Joy Sound”. In fact, he wanted to explain why Joy Bangla Jayadhvani is more reasonable than Bangladesh Zindabad Jayadhvani.

In fact, if we think from the point of view of the spirit of the liberation war, we will surely understand why the Joy Bangla Joydhwani is more reasonable as a national Joydhwani. Because during the liberation war the victory cry of the freedom fighters was Joy Bangla.

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Another interesting article is “The Slave Attitude of Bengalis”. This article shows that after the country became independent, there are some people who still express their weakness and slavish attitude towards Pakistan. However, the best article was “The Chittagong Hill Tracts Problem in the Light of Recent History”.

Here he shows what mistakes were made by our then governments in the Chittagong issue. He has shown through a calculation how much extra cost per day and how many lives are being sacrificed in this issue. But if the issue had been resolved politically without the use of military force, Bangladesh would not have had to sacrifice so much money. In fact, he wanted to make it clear that a political issue could never be controlled by military force.

Another of his essays is “The Right to Choose Education”. I was thrilled to see the exact similarity of my thought consciousness with this article. Because I have also thought like this about the education system of our country. One of our problems is that we do not want to acknowledge the achievements of the Bengalis.

How many of us know that an atom is named after one of our physicists? However, the author has been criticized in many ways. The author has tried to give a satisfactory answer by combining them in the appendix. After all, it’s one of the best essays I’ve ever read.

Tell me honestly. Have you given such quality time to your children, That is only for 20 days. If not, then what about the teacher and the school? Definitely give such quality time. Now go end of this post download this book in PDF.

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Urdu Writing Practice Book PDF Download

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