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Book: Urdu Homeopathy Books PDF free Download

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 The homeopathic Medicine Treatment Book in Urdu Ghar Ka Doctor was written by Dr. Professor Hakeem Ibn e Hakeem Muhammad Maqsood Ilahi Naqshbandi. Read and learn about homeopathic medicine and its treatment of diseases (Bemariayan Aur Un kay Ilaaj). Uses of homeopathic remedies in different health problems. learn in this book name of diseases of a human’s body.

Shahidullah Kaiser Shahidullah Kaiser is an unforgettable name in the world of Bengali literature and culture, a great philanthropist, writer, journalist and political activist of Bangladesh. He was a behind-the-scenes hero of the language movement and an accomplished painter of the working class. The depiction of the sorrows and struggles of Bengali life is the subject of his novel.

So he wrote on behalf of these hardworking people in his writing. In Bengali literature, ‘Sangsaptak’ is an immortal work of Shahidullah Kaiser. The lexical meaning of this is – ‘Even knowing the sure defeat, the hero fights till death’.
The story of Sanshatak begins in the late English period, in the early Pakistan period. Much of the story is set in the rural areas of East Bengal, some in Calcutta and Dhaka. Its larger background includes the events of World War II, Manbantar, Pakistan movement, communal riots and the establishment of Pakistan.

In this, the predominance has been well done by a Syed family including a branch. In this, the predominance has been well done by a Syed family including a branch. Syed has integrated English education and English jobs with the old-fashioned reform. Another Syed left his wife and daughter and went missing. Jahed, the son of the first, mastered the modern educational life and was first associated with the Pakistan movement and leftist politics.

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It’s horrible conflict with antiquity. So when the father-in-law marries his daughter Rabu to one of his older disciples, he and his supporters attack the new groom in such a way that not only the son-in-law but also the father-in-law has to flee. Rabu also considers the incident an exaggeration, but later – under the influence of Jahed’s teachings – refuses to give the husband the right of ownership.

The story ends with Jahed’s arrest for his involvement in left-wing politics and Rabu’s unconditional love for him.
Each character in the story seemed to be made up of people around me. The background time is different but the characters’ thoughts are the same in all ages. This fact probably comes to the fore from there first. One thing to say is that this novel is a true Bangladeshi novel!

There is talk of working people in Bangladesh, there is talk of false saints, there is talk of not equating good people and there is talk of a special class of rotting people. The reader will not miss such a beautiful novel.

Urdu Homeopathy Books PDF free Download

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