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This book is the product of more than five hundred hours of interviews with more than two hundred individuals who participated directly in the events surrounding the financial crisis. These individuals include Wall Street chief executives, board members, management teams, current and former U.S. government officials, foreign government officials, bankers, lawyers, accountants, consultants, and other advisers.

Many of these individuals shared documentary evidence, including contemporaneous notes, e-mails, tape recordings, internal presentations, draft filings, scripts, calendars, call logs, billing time sheets, and expense reports that provided the basis for much of the detail in this book.

They also spent hours painstakingly recalling the conversations and details of various meetings, many of which were considered privileged and confidential. Given the continuing controversy surrounding many of these events— several criminal investigations are still ongoing as of this writing, and countless civil lawsuits have been filed—most of the subjects interviewed took part only on the condition that they not be identified as a source.

As a result, and because of the number of sources used to confirm every scene, readers should not assume that the individual whose dialogue or specific feeling is recorded was necessarily the person who provided that information. In many cases the account came from him or her directly, 

The Israeli intelligence agency Mossad gave their agents a different assignment at once outside of the conventional conspiracies and espionage. The then Prime Minister of Israel Menahem Begin ordered them to rescue the Ethiopian Jewish refugees trapped in Sudan and bring them back to Israel.

“Rescue the refugees at any cost and bring them to me, and of course to this Jewish land,” he said. However, Mossad draws a completely different picture of the service. Speaking of the early 1980s. Instead of sending a newcomer to the enemy’s territory in preparation for the attack, the Mossad set up a secret base in an abandoned holiday village in remote Sudan.

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Where rarely a few visitors are seen, the public pressure is low and densely populated. A team of active agents was then deployed there to conduct the rescue operation. Later, in the face of various setbacks and dangerous environments, they rescued the refugees from the camps and sent them to Israel by sea and air. The author of the book, Gad Simron, was a member of that expedition.

The book was first published in 1996 in Hebrew. The revised version of the English version contains a thrilling account of how the operation was planned and how the Mossad team succeeded in their mission in Sudan. It has been written that the refugees should be rescued at night behind the locals despite the fear of the visitors in the light of personal risk and daylight.

The book also highlights America’s involvement in the end of the campaign. The White House said in a statement that the United States was assisting in the rescue of Ethiopian Jewish refugees by air, with the permission of the White House, and that it was providing shelter for Mossad operatives from the CIA’s Khartoum station and help them escape Libyan spies.

It was also said that in the context of inspiring Mossad officers through mail. All in all, author Gad Simron, with great observation, illustrates the knot of idealistic heroism in a fluent manner in the book, which will easily captivate the reader.

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