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[PDF] Time Management book by Sudhir Dixit pdf free download

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Book: Time Management book by Sudhir Dixit pdf free download | Time Management book in Hindi by Sudhir Dixit pdf free download

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Brian Tracy is phenomenal, a classic, a master. The book is easily read because it’s so well written. Each page contains a genuine tip or strategy to use and sort of “wise sayings” that motivate you to action . Over the years I’ve listened to the audio of this several times and now purchased the book to refresh myself. After three chapters I picked up two strategies that increased my productivity quite noticeably. More so, by increasing my competence with my time, I find my stress better managed and a sense of peace developing. Most highly recommended.

Global sea levels have been rising steadily for several months. As a result of the greenhouse effect, the water level is rising, but not. Rather, there is a deeper reason behind it. Most of the world’s coastal areas will be submerged in the next few years due to this terrible man-made disaster. At some point in time, the whole landmass will be submerged without some large mountain peaks.

A team of Chinese business tycoon Lo Huang Liton was secretly operating in the deepest part of the East China Sea. Lo Huang, blessed by Yin Ning, a high-ranking senior leader of the Chinese Communist Party, descended all over the ocean in search of a light but very powerful substance. In the greed for more power and money, this reckless mining of the blind Lo Huang caused tons of water to rise from the ground. And this is why the sea level kept rising.

The US National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA) has stepped in to prevent this catastrophe from hitting the earth. A team was formed by Masood Rana, the honorary director of Numa and a staunch agent of Bangladesh Counter Intelligence (BCI), Sohail Ahmed, the chief administrator of BCI and a close friend of Rana, the Bengali couple Asif and Tania, a skilled geologist and marine biologist.

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The purpose is the same, to find out the reason why the sea level is rising and to solve it. And this research of Masood Rana and his team took them to Japan. They sat there to die. Sohail survived by going into the stomach of a hungry Komodo dragon. At the same time, a mysterious and very brave Japanese girl named Hina joined them.

Business tycoon Lo Huang Liton is also not sitting. He hired the psychopath Yakuza murderer Ore Chichiwa to pull a terrible tail like Masood Rana from behind him. Sophisticated robots and war-bots made in Lo Huang’s industry were thrown behind the runners. Fighting broke out on an abandoned island in the Sea of ​​Japan.

The traditional Japanese katana Hanjo Masamiune and the brown sword came as weapons in that battle. Meanwhile, someone is plotting to assassinate the Japanese Prime Minister. While it is difficult for Masood Rana and Sohail Ahmed to save their own lives, it remains to be seen how successful they will be in dealing with the situation.

On the one hand, the rising sea level, and on the other hand, Masood Rana and his team got into a lot of trouble. So the last one was very difficult for them.

Lesson Response: The 458th book in the Masood Rana series ‘The Great Flood’ is an adaptation of the book ‘The Rising Sea’ by the famous American author Clive Kasler in the Numa Files series. And Numa Files means there will be dangers and troubles related to the sea, it is understood.

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The ‘Great Flood’ features snake business tycoon and industrialist Lo Huang Liton, who went out to dig earthworms in front of Masood Rana and his team to find the cause of the abnormal rise in sea level. This has been seen in several previous Rana stories. It has been seen that behind some man-made catastrophes, there is the matter of manipulating the tools of some insane people with money and power. This book is no exception.

In this book, it was great to find Sohail Ahmed, a close friend of the great Bengali agent Masood Rana. After a long time, it was good to see the two of them shoulder to shoulder together on the mission. The action sequences were quite exciting. Rana’s racing with Ore Chichiwa, Sohail’s covert game with the Komodo Dragon, Rana’s race with the robot racing car were great. However, since the same type of Rana story ‘Japanese Tycoon-1 and 2’ has been read before, the Ahamri type did not like ‘Mahapalaban’.

Time Management book by Sudhir Dixit pdf free download | Time Management book in Hindi by Sudhir Dixit pdf free download

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