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Book: Thor Comics PDF free download | The Mighty Thor comic PDF download | Thor: God of Thunder comic PDF

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I am not going to lie. When I heard Thor was being turned into a woman, I rolled my eyes. It is like Ghostbusters having an all female crew, not a bad idea but execution would be everything. I am not agaisnt Marvel rebooting their old heroes and adding some diversity, hell the push for female characters is what got me into reading comics this year!

But again, it is all about execution and giving us a viable story instead of pleasing the masses. So I am not lying when I say The Mighty Thor is worthy.

I have not read any Thor comics, let’s start with that. But this reboot helps you fill in gaps that might exist, like for example what happened to Thor? Is this in the same dimension? Answer: Yes, and Thor is off unto a faraway land to lick his wounds. He is no longer worthy (something about Nick Fury whispering sweet nothings in his ear?)

so Mjolnir has chosen a worthy champion in Jane Foster, who happens to be battling cancer at the moment. Jane takes on the responsibility of the Mighty Thor in order to save her world, and everybody else’s, even though every time she picks up the hammer her cancer treatment regresses and her human shell gets worse. Questions such as “why doesn’t she just use the hammer always?” are answered.

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Asgard is in shambles, Odin has gone insane and even incarcerated his own wife. He is no longer the wise father, but the ruling tyrant. His brother is not helping much. Thor (male) is gone, and Odin is not happy about Mighty Thor taking his place. So things are bad in Asgard, as well as the Elvish world, something Thor comes to realize once dead light elves start falling from the stratosphere.

So expect lots of action, amazing art (like truly beautiful), and a great storyline. I am captivated, and I plan on continuing this until the very end.

Mighty Thor is focused on an unusually difficult topic for comics. Dr. Jane Foster has cancer.

The Asgardians want to heal her, but she continually declines instead opting for human methods. That would likely be inconsequential if not for the fact that Mjornir has chosen her to wield the power of Thor. The problem is Mjornir’s power removed the chemicals from chemotherapy from Jane’s body. So the item that makes her the strongest nearly simultaneously makes her the weakest.

I’m surprised cancer is a topic Marvel is choosing to address since it’s geared mostly to teens and young adults. I’m also surprised how incredibly stubborn Jane Foster is being. She’s willing to use Mjornir to give her strength, but she’s unwillingly to take Asgard’s aid to heal her. I know it’s a comic book, but I’m still surprised that some Asgardian following Thor Odinson’s orders didn’t just force her to be healed. She seems insane to willingly negate the chemo by using Mjornir and yet remain unwilling to allow the Asgardians to heal her.

Mighty Thor is not a comic for someone simply looking to have an action packed adventure. It touches on real world stuff so I’d only recommend to people looking for a more serious story. 

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After a long time I read a Rana story where I found Rana in such a helpless state. Especially when I read the part of Masood Rana’s living grave, I myself fell into intense protest uncertainty. Though the thrill of seeing it got there well. And in the end, the runner’s desperate rush to stop the conspiracy seemed to make me gasp for breath.

The hope that arose in my readership after seeing Ismail Arman in this Rana story as an associate of Kazi Anwar Hossain, can be said to have come true after reading the book. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. I also liked the cover he made.

Mita Dutt, an American physicist of Bengali descent, was kidnapped. Renowned archaeologist George Harrison was seriously injured. Ignoring all the stereotypes, NRI Chief James Bryan sought Masood Rana’s help on his own initiative. His initiative is to rescue Kanyasam Mita. And in these cases, MR Nine did what it usually does. Jumped to rescue Mita Dutt.

Electromagnetic fields around the world are behaving very strangely. Surprising but true, this phenomenon has a strange connection with some of the strangest crystals planted by the Jaguar king of the Mayan civilization thousands of years ago. A year ago, Masood Ranai rescued the controversial Brazil Stone from the depths of the Amazon.

Sometimes a high level of energy is radiated from it. The reason is unknown. And this is where the CIA chief Marl Callagu and NRI chief James Bryan are fighting a bitter cold war. In this case, inevitably, that is what happened. The American president himself became involved with all this. Fell to make a strange shell.

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A Chinese business tycoon named Huang Li Lang is desperate to get this crystal, which has an impact on the electromagnetic field. That’s why he has created a high-tech army and a sophisticated network based on artificial intelligence. Lang doesn’t hesitate to kill to get it.

Thor Comics PDF free download | The Mighty Thor comic PDF download | Thor: God of Thunder comic PDF

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