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Book: The Tower of Nero PDF Google drive free | The Tower of Nero PDF download weebly

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“Wisdom. It comes in handy.”

The six-month mortality of Apollo is at an end. It’s time to unfold the final chapter of ToA, and the entire Camp Half-Blood series (at least for now). The Tower of Nero delivered a great ending to ToA than I had expected. It was satisfying, entertaining and most importantly: felt very complete!

“Sing one more word and I will cut out your vocal cords.”
“I have determined that our situation sucks.”

The journey begins with the duo arriving at west, where everything started in The Hidden Oracle. I really liked how the author arranged encounters (even if they were brief at times) with a lot of old characters from previous books. As setting up the direction of final journey was systematically done over the first four books, this story mainly deals with final challenges. This is something we didn’t see with PJO and HoO, where the last books used to be long and contain the last part of the adventure before the big battles, resulting in lengthy plots. This made The Tower of Nero somewhat shorter, but I things it was a good move, as it would’ve been difficult to add more adventure elements without making them feel repetitive.

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“WHEN TRAVELING THROUGH WASHINGTON, DC, one expects to see a few snakes in human clothing.”

For me, the story was more amusing than thrilling, and did feel a little predictable at times. But it felt great nonetheless. The entire plot is action packed, with Team Apollo having to overcome one seemingly impossible obstacle after another. And for once, Riordan does take his time with the post climax wrap up, concluding the series beautifully. Even if he did leave a few ways to continue the Camp Half-Blood in the last couple of chapters (especially with Nico), all the loose ends were nicely tied up.

“Doething great, I gotteth him right where I wanteth him.”

That ends the Camp Half-Blood series for me, and it’s time to come out of Olympus. Looking back, I do wish I had taken a break between each sub-series (PJO – HoO – ToA). Rushing through the entire series is fun, but it also makes one compare amongst them. This ended up making PJO the best out of the three for me. Had I read them separately (which I’m going to do when I re-read this), or as they got released, I would not have made that observation. Oh, and now I can remember all major Olympian Gods (and then some).

“No story ever ends, does it? It just leads into others.”

“Apollo will fall, but Apollo must rise again.”

I’m literally tearing up writing this review. I’ve been with Rick Riordan books since 2010 when I was this lonely high school freshman. I got no friends to talk to. I wasn’t part of the popular kids nor that smart to be really looked up to. I was literally just there existing until someone loaned to me her The Lightning Thief copy. So Rick I don’t know if you’ll ever going to see this review out of all the mountains of reviews but I just want to say deep down in my heart, thank you. You made me a reader and I will be forever thankful.

“I won’t hide, I won’t cower. That’s not who I will be.”

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I must admit I indeed struggled a bit in the earlier chapters. I was so worried few hours ago that I might have outgrown this story and its lightness and how formulaic everything is. Was there a threat of the world ending? For the 14th time, yes. Was our hero unsure in facing the big bad/villain? Again for the 14th time, yes. From Percy to Jason to Carter & Sadie to Magnus and now to Apollo, everything just feels the same. That’s why it took me so long to finish this because the first half was an okay read for me. What pushed this novel to be a 5 star read was the other half. When Apollo and Meg faced Nero, brilliant. When Apollo finally faced his greatest nemesis Phyton, I got goosebumps and my heart was thumping so fast. The final battle was amazingly done and hopeful and you could see how much Apollo have grown all through out. And the last three chapters killed me. That was it. That was the end. Apollo tied all loose ends for our heroes, past and new.

“To be human is to move forward, to adapt, to believe in your ability to make things better. That is the only way to make the pain and sacrifice mean something.”

As for a finale book, Tower of Nero was a great surprise for me. It wasn’t maybe as crazy as The Last Olympian and not as powerful as The Serpent’s Shadow but still was really good. I was hesitant and excited to read because I thought I was in for another huge disappointment. Both Bloods of Olympus and Ship of the Dead have failed me. The former was such a fail for me because Coach Hedge got more lines and exposure than half of the Chosen demigods and what was that final battle with Gaeia? In the latter, the final battle for both Magnus Chase and Loki was very anticlimactic.

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“I’ll make things right. Or I will die trying.”

I know Rick already said that this is the last novel from this world but I’m still hopeful. There were few doors that weren’t really closed in the story. A potential Nico and Will stories? Maybe.

“You’ll come back?” she asked.
“Always,” I promised. “The sun always comes back.”

The Tower of Nero PDF Google drive free | The Tower of Nero PDF download Weebly

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