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[PDF] The Storm Runner Rick Riordan pdf free download

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Book: The Storm Runner Rick Riordan pdf free download

Type: Graphic Novel

Size: 16MB

Zane has always enjoyed exploring the dormant volcano near his home in New Mexico, even though hiking it is challenging. He’d much rather hang out there with his dog, Rosie, than go to middle school, where kids call him Sir Limps a Lot, McGimpster, or Uno — for his one good leg. What Zane doesn’t know is that the volcano is a gateway to another world and he is at the center of a powerful prophecy.

A new girl at school, Brooks, informs him that he’s destined to release an evil god from the ancient Maya relic he is imprisoned in — unless she can find and remove it first. Together they return to the volcano, where all kinds of crazy happen.

Brooks turns into a hawk, a demon attacks them in a cave, and Rosie gives her all while trying to protect Zane. When Zane decides to save his dog no matter the cost, he is thrust into an adventure full of surprising discoveries, dangerous secrets, and an all-out war between the gods, one of whom happens to be his father. To survive, Zane will have to become the Storm Runner. But how can he run when he can’t even walk well without a cane?

Feisty heroes, tricky gods, murderous demons, and spirited giants are just some of the pleasures that await in this fresh and funny take on Maya mythology, as rich and delicious as a mug of authentic hot chocolate.

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Welcome to the Volcano!

Zane Obispo has a pretty sweet life. Since last year, he’s been homeschooled, which means the other kids can’t pick on him anymore. He gets to spend a lot of his time out in the desert of New Mexico, wandering and exploring with his faithful boxer-dalmatian, Rosie.

His mom loves him like crazy. His uncle Hondo is a fun housemate, even though he’s maybe a little too addicted to pro wrestling and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

As for the neighbors, Zane only has two: friendly Mr. Ortiz, who grows top secret chile-pepper varieties in his garden, and Ms. Cab, who works as a phone psychic and pays Zane to help her out. What’s not to like?

And did I mention the volcano in Zane’s backyard?

That’s right. Zane has his very own volcano. He and Rosie spend a lot of time climbing around on it. Recently, they even found a secret entrance that leads inside. . . .

Yep, life is good!

Er, except that Zane was born with mismatched legs. One has always been shorter than the other, so he walks with a limp and uses a cane. He’s learning to deal, though, and is a crazy-fast hobbler.
Oh, and also . . .Zane just got accepted to a new private school. He doesn’t want to go, but his mom is insisting. Class starts tomorrow.

Then there’s the accident—Zane sees a small plane crash into the mouth of his volcano. He was close enough to glimpse the pilot’s face . . . and either it was a very good Halloween mask, or the pilot was an alien zombie monster.

On top of all this, there’s a pretty new girl in town— Brooks—who warns Zane he’s in mortal danger. But Brooks doesn’t exist, according to the school records. And how does she know who he is, anyway?

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Soon, Zane discovers that nothing in his life is what he thought. There’s a reason he was born with a limp. There’s a reason he’s never met his father—a mysterious guy his mom fell in love with on a trip to the Yucatán. Something very strange is going on in Zane’s volcano, and Brooks claims it’s all tied to some ancient prophecy.

How much do you know about the Maya myths? Did you know the Maya have a goddess of chocolate? (Dude, how come the Greeks don’t get a goddess of chocolate? No fair.) The Maya also have shape-shifters, demons, magicians, giants, demigods, and an underworld that may or may not be accessible from the back of a local taco shop.

J. C. Cervantes is about to take you on a trip you will never forget, through the darkest, strangest, and funniest twists and turns of Maya myth. You will meet the scariest gods you can imagine, the creepiest denizens of the underworld, and the most amazing and unlikely heroes, who have to save our world from being ripped apart.

Maya myth and magic is closer than you think. In fact, it’s right in our backyard.

Welcome to the volcano. Welcome to The Storm Runner.

This book was SO GOOD!!!!! Zane was absolutely adorable and had such a great voice, and although there’s so much more to be explored I learned so much about Mayan mythology that I didn’t know before. There was so much about this book that I loved and just can’t formulate into words now, but if you enjoy Rick’s books you guys definitely have to pick this one up! (ALSO: Hispanic AND Disabled rep?? I CAN’T SAY BETTER THINGS!)

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(This is not a huge spoiler, but I will warn those who are weary of these things that an animal does die in the beginning of the story. But, as with all middle grades I’ve read so far, things turn out okay in the end 🙂 

The Storm Runner Rick Riordan pdf free download

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