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[PDF] The Serpent’s Shadow Graphic Novel PDF | The serpent’s Shadow Graphic Novel read online free | The Serpents Shadow pdf google docs

Hello everybody. Today we will share The Serpent’s Shadow Graphic Novel PDF | The serpent’s Shadow Graphic Novel read online free | The Serpents Shadow pdf google docs link. We hope you will love this.

Book: The Serpent’s Shadow Graphic Novel PDF | The serpent’s Shadow Graphic Novel read online free | The Serpents Shadow pdf google docs

Type: Adventure

Size: 12MB

“A person’s shadow stood for his legacy, his impact on the world. Some people cast hardly any shadow at all. Some cast long, deep shadows that endured for centuries.”

Ahh… and finally, the series comes to an end. What a roller coaster ride of a trilogy, my friends. I spent the first book falling in love, the second book gradually feeling less and less pleased with this series, and the final book wishing it would just finish already. That said, I should preface this by saying that The Serpent’s Shadow was slightly better for me than The Throne of Fire, so if you’ve read the first 2 books and are uncertain as to whether or not you want to finish the series, let me be the first to tell you that you absolutely should. Besides, you’ve already come this far, right?

Anyways, this book was much of a repeat for the second for me as far as the romances went — still not buying Carter and Zia as an even remotely possible couple, and still super uncomfortable with Sadie’s interest in boys at all, much fewer ones who are thousands of years older than her — but the pacing was a lot better and I enjoyed the action scenes tremendously. I think battle scenes must be tough to write, but every RR book that I’ve read has featured one whether big or small, and I always walk away thinking Rick has a serious talent for scripting them out.

I might not have loved this series overall, but I’m glad I picked it up and I feel like any fan of Rick Riordan’s should give it a chance. If you’re feeling hesitant, I highly recommend the audiobooks, as the narrators did a fantastic job. That said, I 100% recommend that this is not your introduction to RR’s series, because the PJO series is frankly a million times better than this one, and I would warrant a guess that all of his other series are, too.

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More like 2.5 stars. Good, but not great. I was underwhelmed by the ending and thus don’t really have much to say.

I will comment on the final relationship between Sadie, Walt, and Anubis. Sadie being torn between the two was a pretty big conflict since the last book, but her just taking BOTH felt like no resolution at all. Does it count as polyandry if Walt/Anubis is more like 1.5 people than 2 people?

The one and only issue with the book is that we know from the very beginning that we win. It basically starts saying sorry, but at least we stopped doomsday. Even that, because of the tone of the books, really isn’t that big of a deal. The series is fun and entertaining. It is chalked with brother-sister relationship fun.

And best of all they hint at the End that there are other gods out there that they might encounter. As in the series, they already hinted that this is the same exact world Percy is a part of, (Book one had a comment about other Gods residing across the bridge in Manhattan, and Cater swearing he saw a flying horse near the Empire State building), it makes for what might happen in the future. One could only hope that the two (or is it now three with rome?) groups will unite for awesomeness to come. I have a feeling it will have to do with Aristotle, the first Greek Pharaoh. Somehow I hope that if they are in another series, that there unique perspective can remain. It is entertaining to have comments from the peanut gallery while the book moves on.

I should add because I didn’t catch this but Sophie and the rest of the Kids at Brooklyn house go to a private school where the popular clique seems to be kids from the Aphrodite cabin and Sophie also tries to set up carter with another girl from camp half-blood.

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Soo, I’m really glad to say that this was the best book of the series :)). It really impressed me. I wasn’t expecting at very much since the first two book weren’t at that “Rick level”. But this was veery good. And… like I said it before, Walt Stone is officially my favorite character :).

After all, the book was a good read and the plot was really nice. I never expected (view spoiler) to come back!! Never! But it was cool. It was pretty predictable that Walt was going to “become” (view spoiler) but it’s ok. Of course the “little love” stories and dramas that took part through the book were great.

I will never compare the Kane Chronicles with PJO because I can’t. Those are FAR better. Anyway, that’s what I think. Still 5 stars, just because of the Riordan magic :)))

The Serpent’s Shadow Graphic Novel PDF | The serpent’s Shadow Graphic Novel read online free | The Serpents Shadow pdf google docs

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