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[PDF] The Secret Book in Urdu PDF free Download

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Book: The Secret Book in Urdu PDF free Download

Author: Rhonda Byrne Urdu

Size: 12Mb

The Secret in Urdu Kamyabi Ka Azeem Raaz by Rhonda Byrne free download Pdf, this is self-help ebook. The Urdu book Secret Urdu is an Urdu interpretation of a popular English book by Rhonda Byrne. In this composition, the essayist depicts the privileged insights behind the achievement. 

Kamyabi ka Azeem Raaz Urdu translation of The famous English book written by Rhonda Byrne and translated into the Urdu language by Aisha Dogar. The Secret is a top of the line 2006 self-improvement guide by Rhonda Byrne, in view of the prior film of a similar name. It depends on the conviction of the law of fascination, which guarantees that musings can change an individual’s life specifically. 

We do not wait for the dead, we wait for the living. This line from Humayun Ahmed’s novel “Waiting” reveals a cruel reality of life. The unborn child and five-year-old Emon, Suraiya’s husband, are in the office when she returns
Then Suraiya will be a full-fledged family. But destiny leaves him waiting forever. Humayun Ahmed’s novel “Waiting” is based on this heartbreaking story of Suraiya’s life. The story written with the touch of Humayun’s ruthless hand will give the reader a feeling of great pain in his heart.

The pain of losing her husband breaks Suraiya mentally, her extreme reluctance towards life, her dreams, the shelter of sorrow and happiness, the sudden disappearance of her beloved husband is like the untimely death of a fresh soul! Emon, Supravha’s mother could not turn the tide of Suraiya’s broken dream. Their mother’s strong faith is waiting for her for her missing father.

At first Uncle Firoz, later Emon and Supravha grew up in the shadow of Mama’s affection. They grew up together with Mama’s three children Shovon, Token and Mitu. Mama Jamilur Rahman niece Supravara fulfilled all the happiness, hobbies and joy.

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From a young age, his mother’s dirty face, rough posture, disrespect turned Emon into a serious man. Emon’s rude behavior towards his mother will arouse hatred in the mind of the reader. The most heartbreaking part of the whole novel was Supravara’s fate. Humayun is a little more ruthless here! The novel will be read but the fate of Supravara will leave a shadow of misery in the heart of the reader. Very few readers will be able to hold back their tears after reading the letter written about Emon’s Supravha.

In the mysterious cycle of life, Suraiya finds herself as a heroine in her verandah where her mother-in-law Aklima Begum used to sit. Emon got married today, today is the first night – today is the night of his life. Suraiya is supposed to be happy for her son but her eyes are full of tears. The simultaneous mix of suffering and happiness has given birth to new feelings in him.

The Secret Book in Urdu PDF free Download

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