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[PDF] The Power of Habit PDF free download

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Book: The Power of Habit PDF free download

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 TitleThe Power of Habit PDF
 AuthorCharles Duhigg
 EditionCharles Duhigg

The Power of Habit PDF Book Review

The book ‘Africa: In Search of Darkness’ has four ghost stories. And Africa, a Bengali girl, seeks darkness in every story. The story of his various physical adventures has come up in the book. Apadebat: The first and biggest story in the book. The supernatural phenomenon took place in Orchid Villa, a house in the Shunshan area of ​​Dhaka city, where Africa came later.

In this story, the way the writer has arranged the story, it would have been better if the ending was more dramatic. Still enjoyed it. Deception: The second short story in the book. Puspita, the daughter of her father’s friend, brings a strange problem to Africa. We are very familiar with the supernatural character that the author has created in this story, especially those who live in the village. So I like the story in general, but the presentation style and ending are nice. This story gives the first idea about the background of Africa.

This is the third and shortest story in the book. It was the first time I started working on the supernatural in Africa. Through a girl named Ila, he came to know about the suicide of the residents of a flat in Dhaka. I like the story a lot.
Akash-Pratim: This is the last story in the book. Written in a foreign background, this story is the one I like the most. One murder after another began in a small town in the United States, with every corpse being torn to pieces. And Africa appears in that scene.

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The horror of this story is greater than other stories. They also like the use of myths in the logic of each story. The production of Afsar Brothers in the book was great, but there was a lack of editing, spelling mistakes, typing mistakes, and missing words in many lines. But above all, the book is excellent. The author hints at the end of the Africa series. The announcement of the second book in the Africa series has already caught my eye, hopefully, we will get something better.

Nadia’s university teacher Bidyut Kanti is an important character in the novel. Her wisdom will undoubtedly take place in the mind of the reader and Nadia’s attraction towards this teacher can be seen in the whole novel.
Half of the novel deals with Nadia and her powerful family in Netrokona in ’69, and the rest is autobiographical. Nadia’s only connection with him is shown through the letter throughout the novel.

I didn’t write all the characters of the novel in the review, and I avoided many other things to keep the review free of spoilers. However, I couldn’t resist the urge to talk about the character “Vadu”. After reading the message book, there was a request for rescue.

This book is essential to understand his habits and change them.

Apply these principles to your behaviors. You will discover the source, and how to transform yourself. You can then put in place the mechanisms that, step by step, will lead you to a healthier life. A more fulfilling professional life. Better relationships with others.

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The Power of Habit PDF free download

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