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[PDF] The Mark of Athena pdf download full | The Mark of Athena PDF google drive

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Book: The Mark of Athena pdf download full | The Mark of Athena PDF google drive

Type: Adventure

Size: 12MB

“Gah! Shirmpzilla!”

After getting through with pre-quest requirements, our seven demigods are all set to embark on the first stage of their big quest. Despite the predicament the gang find themselves in, it is nice to start along the main plot at last. As we had enough of land-trouble in the first two stories, it also feels good to embark on Argo II, at least for a while (although it is find a whole lot of non-land trouble).

“Hercules, Huh? That guy was like the Starbucks of Ancient Greece. Everywhere your turn – there he is.”

As always, we’re encountering some entertaining characters, each introducing his or her own sub-plot to keep things moving. Story is a lot more complex than the first two, and felt a lot longer too. Looking back, though the character building remains the same (which was great from start), world-building has gotten lot descriptive over the PJO-HoO series up to now. But it’s great to see sense of adventure remains the same and not making the content feel even a little bit repetitive. And the rotating narration has finally grown on me.

“Behold! The god’s chosen beverage. Tremble before the horror of Diet Coke!”

Riordan’s imagination appears to increase tenfold whenever characters go underground. Just like with PJO labyrinth story, the underground part of the adventure was thrilling and full of suspense. And as always, he does not fail to carry forward that suspense, by ending everything in another cruel cliffhanger.

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“When in doubt, start in the middle.”

Let’s start this review in the most eloquently put way I can: I have no idea how to write this review.

When I finished this book a while ago, I would log onto Goodreads every single day and every single day, I would look at my pre-review and think, how can I write this review? What should I include, what should I put emphasis on? I would simply just stare at my laptop’s screen until my mom called me down for dinner.

I wish I could write this review to the high calibar it deserves. I wish I could write this review that could do this book justice, a review that would please all the people who ‘liked’ my pre-review. I wish, I wish so badly, that I could write a review that would be able to express how badly I loved this book, how much I sobbed when I read that damned ending and how I just couldn’t contain a fan-girl squel every time Percy and Annabeth shared a kiss.

Unfortunately, my wish cannot come true. Dare I say it, I believe no one can write a review justice for this book. It’s just not possible.

But of course, it wouldn’t be like me not to try …

I haven’t read a good book in a long time. Far too overdue. Luckily, Mark of Athena was the perfect book to solve my problem. It wasn’t just good. It was amazing-I-would-marry-this-book-if-I-could sort of good.

This book though should definitely come with a warning like this, right on the front page:

My Pre-review

I’m just waiting Rick, so please hurry up because you know, I don’t think my brain (and friends) can handle me obsessing about what will happen next!

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Suspense is great and all but only when you TELL US WHATS GONNA HAPPEN! Okay, that kinda defies the purpose of suspense but I can’t just wait an entire year!

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What I hope will happen
~ Percy and Annabeth will reunite and share a kiss (or two, or three or heck, make them kiss every chapter)

~ Octavian and his magical teddy bears will return and Rachel will show him down

~ Is it too much to ask for a smidge of Tratie (Travis and Katie)? Sigh fine

~ I’m am interestedDYING TO KNOW if Jason will remember Reyna. And if he’ll choose her over Piper. Personally, I am rooting for Reyna cause she and him have an actual history together rather than 3 months of a fictional dating relationship cough cough Piper.

~ Speaking of Piper, can she go jump a cliff or something? Okay, I’ll be nice. Pair her off with Leo.

~ In the case that Piper can’t even win over Leo (take that charm speaker), than the love triangle between Frank/Hazel/Leo is pretty cool. I don’t know where I stand on that one. I love Frank cause he and I are Canadians (not Laistryagns) but I dont have a thing on this.

MORE NICO!!!!!!! Is it wrong to have a crush on a slightly emo and witty fictional character? Oh whatever, in my mind he’s hot 😉

~ And finally, I really liked the references from the previous books and I hope Riordan will continue to include them in his writings.

So Rick, unless you want a whole load of crazy fan girls (like moi) on your doorstep with our lipsticks in hand, I suggest you get to wriitng 😉 And post some spoilers please!!!!!

The Mark of Athena pdf download full | The Mark of Athena PDF google drive

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