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[PDF] The house of hades pdf google drive | The House of Hades read online | The House of Hades Graphic Novel PDF

Hello everybody. Today we will share The house of hades pdf google drive | The House of Hades read online | The House of Hades Graphic Novel PDF link.

Book: The house of hades pdf google drive | The House of Hades read online | The House of Hades Graphic Novel PDF

Type: Adventure

Size: 13MB

“Swords! Guns! Massive ka-booms!”
“The House of Hades is open for business.”
“Doors of Death, here we come.”

The Quest of Seven Demigods continues from Riordan’s biggest cliffhanger yet at the end of The Mark of Athena, and Chaos is everywhere: literally and figuratively! The author must’ve been looking forward to this one, where there are too many possibilities to make things turn out terribly, which usually suits the penultimate adventures of demigods. And this one – the fourth of the series – was by far the best of HoO for me (just like the 4th one of PJO being my favorite of that series).

“Annabeth Chase, died age 17. BA-BOOM. Died of massive injuries while leaping like an idiot into the abyss of Chaos. BA-BOOM. Survived by her father, mother and tow stepbrothers who barely knew her. BA-BOOM.”

The two interconnected plot lines, are both eventful, thrilling, full of suspense and still hilarious at times. But I liked the Tartarus adventure the best, which was entirely new territory for both PJO and HoO stories up to now. Dark and terrible as it was, I do wish that part were a bit longer. Surprising encounters down in the abyss were nicely laid out, making the reader fall in love with two most unlikely characters.

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“Never EVER sleep in Tartarus.”

Argo II adventure was more towards fun side, but still had it’s terrifying moments where each demigod faces their own opportunity to come through for the team. It felt like preparing the personalities and highlighting innate character qualities of the five demigods. And the reappearance of certain characters complimented the flow of the plot of Argo II team nicely.

“the pretty ghost ladies who serve Persephone are good. Exploding zombies are bad.”

In terms of pure adventure, I have a hard time picturing the next (and last) book of HoO surpassing The House of Hades, for, this offered the most entertaining adventure of the both PJO-HoO combined. I hope the next one will not fall behind by a lot. Oh, and, it’s very kind of the author to end things on relatively relaxed status for once!

“Ships to fix! Festus to check! Earth goddesses to punch in the face! What are we waiting for?”

Oh, these books are going to destroy me! However, despite loving this, there is something different which makes it a bit hard to decide on the rating. I feel like there was something missing in this story, maybe too many characters, so something had to be cut… Because since there are so many of them, people tend to find favourites, and then they wish for more content about them.

This book had me totally destroyed, I did not see this coming at all and it was so painfully good, I just cannot take it.

I just wish there were more of Jason/Piper moments because so far they are quickly becoming my favourite couple. I adore Percy and Annabeth; they are the original Riordan couple; I could not wait for them to get together. And I’m so happy for them.

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I hope that Percy and Nico will talk and everything will be all right forever.
I’m not a fan of Happily Ever After but I so much need a happy ending for Nico and a book for him as well.
I finally started to like Leo (view spoiler)
However, I still don’t like Hazel or Frank. They just do not fit with the rest, to be honest.

“You cannot control your parentage, but you can choose your legacy”

As always, Rick Riordan doesn’t disappoint. Action, fun, more action, gods and monsters, legends and heroes, love, revenge and friendship. That is basically The House of Hades.

All in all this was great. Sometimes I got a bit weary, the page count is quite big in this one. But then with such a big cast of characters, it’s no surprise. It’s actually really quite impressive how Riordan manages to give everybody a fair share of the spotlight. No one is left behind. Even the character development is on point.

My most beloved character however is Nico di Angelo. I’m totally rooting for this guy and can’t wait to read more of him. He deserves to be lucky…and I deserve to see him with a love interest that I can swoon over.

The house of hades pdf google drive | The House of Hades read online | The House of Hades Graphic Novel PDF

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