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Book: The Hidden Oracle PDF Free Download | The hidden Oracle pdf google drive | The Hidden Oracle pdf Indonesia

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Zeus needed someone to blame, so of course he’d picked the handsomest, most talented, most popular god in the pantheon: me.

This might be my favourite Riordan book.

I was actually disappointed with his last one – The Sword of Summer – and I began to question in my review if it was finally time for Mr. R. to take a step back from these books about Greek, Roman and Egyptian gods. The conflicts were similar and the teen “voices” had begun to blend into one. Magnus Chase could just as easily have been Percy Jackson.

BUT then RR had to throw Apollo into the mix. Apollo stands out because he is not a teenage boy. Well… technically, he is in this book. But he’s actually an age-old immortal who has been cast out of Olympus by Zeus and turned into a regular human teenager. His voice, however, not to mention his snark and humour, are that of a selfish, narcissistic, hilarious asshole.

Truly, this book is so refreshing! Apollo doesn’t even pretend he’s a do-gooder; in fact, it’s clear from the beginning that he’s out for himself and views humans as “meat sacks”. Imagine his horror when he discovers that not only is he human, but he also has acne and flab.
Is anything sadder than the sound of a god hitting a pile of garbage bags?

Of course, there’s a whole lot of godly drama going on too. You don’t get to be an old god like Apollo without making a LOT of enemies. But this mostly stood out to me as being the funniest book Riordan has written and that’s really saying something, given that all his books are defined by his trademark snarky humour. Pure entertainment.

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Apollo is the Gilderoy Lockhart of this world and it is hilarious. There’s a nice bit of schadenfreude to be had when this self-obsessed god finally gets what he deserves and has to rely on Percy Jackson for help. And yet, there is something undeniably lovable about him too.

On that note, many familiar characters come in and out of this book. You don’t have to have read the other books to understand and enjoy this one, but it does contain spoilers for the main series and the characters.

This, for me, stood out amid a sea of similar stories and characters. I’m still not 100% sure I would want to read any more books that focus on teenage demigods (we’ve kind of been there and done that, in my opinion), but I will definitely see Apollo’s story through to the end.
It warmed my heart that my children had the right priorities: their skills, their images, their views on YouTube.

“I fell on my divine face.”

This is one hilarious book. No matter how terrifying some of the situations might be, laughing at Apollo takes over everything else in this book. And after all the world-ending battles, it’s kind of nice to go back to a slower pace at least for a little while. This one felt a somewhat similar to PJO Lightning Thief where everything began with Percy, and not just because of the first person narrative. Considering Apollo wasn’t never made out to be a favorite character before, I’m sure most will be laughing throughout the first half of the book.

“It starts on the fourth of the major scale. They say it’s called Lydian after the old kingdom of Lydia, but actually, I named it for an old girlfriend of mine. She was the fourth woman I dated that year.”

It was kind of nice being back at Camp Half-blood and to meet some of our old beloved characters, but I did wish the main plot would’ve begun a little sooner. Camp part didn’t feel like anything new. Still, Meg’s first camp experiences made things interesting. And Meg – awesome new character.

“Then all Hades broke loose.”

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The adventure part start in the second half of the book, and the overall direction of the book (and probably the entire series) is revealed. By the way things ended with HoO, I expected the plot to continue from the Gaia’s leftover supporters but, it seems Riordan’s had his mind set on an entirely original path to continue things along, and one that has a lot of potential to grow in many possible ways.

“Oh, geyser, my geyser, Let us spew then, you and I.
For we have not gone gentle into this good night,
But have wandered lonely as clouds.”

And this poem… I couldn’t resist selecting it as a quote.. What would Dylan Thomas and William Wordsworth have to say, I don’t know… This book was more hilarious than anything else (of which I’m not complaining) but, I do hope things will get thrilling as we move on.

“Malcolm looked like the perfect battlefield commander, except for the fact that he’d forgotten his pants.”

“The journey is greater than the destination.”

The others seemed confused. Then the glow became brighter: a holographic golden sickle with a few sheaves of wheat, rotating just above Meg McCaffrey.

A boy in the crowd gasped. “She’s a communist!”

The Hidden Oracle continues right after The Blood of Olympus. Apollo aka Lester Papadopoulos is banished from Olympus. He used to be a god, when he’s mortal, he doesn’t have his power and that makes him very upset. In this book, you will meet the same old characters such as Percy, Nico, Chiron and Will. If you love Nico and Will being together, this book won’t disappoint you. If you miss Percy and want to see him once again, this book will bring you joy. So The Hidden Oracle is for the fans who always want more of Rick Riordan’s stories, the world of Percy Jackson and Greek gods.

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Apollo is a remarkable character from the first page. Rick Riordan pulled me into the story easily as if there was magic in it when I touched the book and it told me that: ‘Love me ! Reading me is so fun and don’t put me down’. So it turned out that I couldn’t put it down for hours and had to read until I finished it. Rick ! You hooked me to this stuff (again). I love The Hidden Apollo more than The Blood of Olympus because I feel like this is a good start for the brand new stories to come. There’s just one storyline and it doesn’t tangle like it does in The Hero of Olympus series. The story is easy to understand and focus. Apollo always made me laugh and I enjoyed every moment of that. Even if when Percy appears on the scene, my focus shifted from Apollo to him, but it’s not a problem.

“And I have acne,” I lamented. “And flab.”

This book is a bit better than Magnus Chase, however, I kinda like Magnus Chase even more. Maybe it’s because I’m not excited about Greek gods anymore or so. Norse mythology is new for me, and I was super excited when I read Magnus Chase. Anyway, this book is great and the narrative is not boring at all – it’s engaging and hilarious, the dynamic of the characters is abundant. There’re four oracles waiting to be explored at the end of this book. I want to see Apollo’s development in the next book and how hard he learns his lessons for both him and Meg. Can’t wait!

The Hidden Oracle PDF Free Download | The hidden Oracle pdf google drive | The Hidden Oracle pdf Indonesia

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