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[PDF] The Handmaid’s Tale book PDF Download Free

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Book: The Handmaid’s Tale book PDF Download

Author: Margaret Atwood

 TitleThe Handmaid’s Tale PDF Download
 AuthorMargaret Atwood

The Handmaid’s Tale book PDF Intro

In the near future marked by a drastic decline in fertility, the United States has become the “Republic of Gilead”. Men hold power, while women are categorized by function (wives, maids, prostitutes, gestators). Defred is a gestator, serving a family. The book follows its course…

Difficult to miss The Scarlet Servant in recent years: it is THE ultra-realistic anticipation series, which has a strong resonance after the coming to power of Donald Trump… This adaptation of the novel of the same name by Margaret Atwood is worth a detour! The tension is palpable, the sets and lights are perfect. Please note that several scenes are violent: watch with a warned eye.

The Handmaid’s Tale book PDF Review

Although a little late, I finished reading Mashudul Haque’s Minimalist. In fact, many books were on the reading list, so it was too late. After reading Ventriloquist, which came out in 2012, I became a fan of Mashudul Haque’s writing. Despite being a sequel to Ventriloquist, it’s a little too late to read Minimalist. I hope the author will look at you with an apologetic look.
First of all, let’s name the book.

The word minimalist comes from the word minimalism. Those who practice minimalism are called minimalists. The word minimalism can have different meanings. You can call it a philosophy and you can also call it a sense of life. Or you can say a religion. From the beginning of creation until now, minimalism has been the word of almost all famous sages. If you say a little more broken, maybe you will understand. Minimalism is to live a simple life by removing luxuries from life. The key is frugality. You can’t be a monk and you can’t live in luxury.

Starting from Isa (AS), Gautama Buddha, Zarathustra and even our last Prophet Muhammad (SAW) have said this.
Now come to the story. Do you know Maruf and Rumi? They are introduced in Ventriloquist, although I will give them again. Maruf goes to a college. And Rumi does journalism. Maruf is the bag of knowledge and Rumi is the most reckless, brilliant and brave. If you want to write a crime report, you can solve it by sitting there. In personal life, one is another’s best friend. Rumi got the news of two murders on the same night.

The first news of a murder in old Dhaka. Maruf was taken away to report. Locked-room-murder case. If someone sees that the killer has killed in such a way, he will think that the victim has committed suicide. Doors and windows closed from the inside. Naturally, the police have taken it as suicide. But Rumi’s experienced eyes can tell it’s a cold-blooded murder. While there, Rumi gets the news of another similar murder. An Indian Sikh youth was killed in the same way at the Gurudwara of Dhaka University.

Rumi seems to see a connection between the two. And by doing so, he became involved with one of the most talked about, cursed and precious gems in the world. That’s right. I am talking about Kohinoor. What do you think is the relationship of the minimalist? There must be a relationship. However, not only minimalism is involved, but also several other religions. Sikhs, submitters are all involved with this. Although the story started from Bangladesh, most of the story ended in India.

A very nice book. I was doing a good job from the beginning while reading the book. The maturity of writing from the ventriloquist has increased. From the birth history of Dhaka city to the origin and spread of Sikhism, several other religions have been discussed in detail. Every page has a new twist. After reading the book, I was obsessed with feeling good for two days. That’s why I didn’t write the review immediately after reading it. I wrote today with a little time. Just as it feels good to read Dan Brown’s book, it feels just as good to read this book.

Those familiar with Dan Brown’s writings will easily find Dan Brown’s shadow in this book. Yes, the author wrote the book in the style of Dan Brown. And he succeeded. I see many people sniffing Dan Brown’s shadow again. I don’t see any fault in anyone wanting to write inspired by a famous writer. Almost all the writers of this subcontinent write under the inspiration of one or the other. Mashudul Haque writing fault? Undoubtedly, a good quality thriller “Minimalist”.

The Handmaid’s Tale book PDF Download Free

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