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[PDF] The hammer of Thor PDF google drive | The hammer of thor pdf weebly | The Hammer of Thor pdf Archive

Hello everybody. Today we will share The hammer of Thor PDF google drive | The hammer of thor pdf weebly | The Hammer of Thor pdf Archive link. We hope you will love this.

Book: The hammer of Thor PDF google drive | The hammer of thor pdf weebly | The Hammer of Thor pdf Archive

Type: Adventure Books

Size: 13MB

The hammer of Thor PDF google drive | The hammer of thor pdf weebly | The Hammer of Thor pdf Archive Book Review

”Just my luck, Grimwolf was happy to turn his attention to me. When it comes to drawing aggro from ancient monsters, I’ve got the golden touch.”

No kidding!!! Haha! I won’t even bother to try to make a list of the many ancient monsters Magnus pissed off in this book. Suffice it to say it were many. *lol* For some reason the gods seem to like him though so this is actually kind of funny and weird at the same time. XD

Well anyway, let’s talk about the book! This was such a typical Uncle Rick story and of course that immediately caused me to love every second of it. I don’t know how Uncle Rick does it but he has such an amazing imagination that everything seems to make sense even though it doesn’t. *lol* But then again I suppose that mythology is one of those things that rarely makes any sense and just the idea to use it as a basis for amazing fantasy books is actually more than just brilliant. 😉

Heimdall laughed. “You have no idea. Once, I butt-dialled the apocalypse. So embarrassing. I had to text everybody on my contact list, like, False alarm! A lot of gods came running anyway. I made this GIF of them charging up the Bifrost and then realizing there was no battle. Priceless.”

There, I said it. Uncle Rick you’re brilliant! XD You’re allowed to blush now, if that’s your kind of thing. ;-P

And speaking of things: Another “thing” that’s always nice about Riordan’s books is that they are not only fast paced but have an amazing cast of diverse and multi-layered characters. They are certainly not your typical dwarf or elf and they all have very interesting and difficult background stories. This time around we found out more about Hearth’s past and Sam’s life and to say those two sub-plots were instructive would be more than just an understatement.

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Poor Sam had to go through a lot in this book and even though it must have been tough she still managed to deal with it somehow. Still, if she doesn’t start to rebel against her father soon all her awesome and faithful friends won’t be able to save her. She has to want this change otherwise it won’t work, so I really hope that she’ll take heart and decide to get help from Alex. =)

”She was betrothed to Amir. She loved the guy. I would raise an army of einherjar, magic elves and well-dressed dwarves and burn down Jotunheim before I let them coerce my friend.”

And after mentioning Alex for the first time I can finally go into gushing mode!!!


”What did you mean earlier?” I asked. “When you said –“
“Call me she? I’m gender fluid and transgender, idiot. Look it up if you need to, but it’s not my job to educate –“

Thank you Uncle Rick!!! Thank you for introducing us to a gender fluid character!!! Alex is soo damn awesome I can’t even! I love her/his character and I’ll defend her/him with my life if necessary! She/he is precious and must be protected at all costs!!
Gosh, Uncle Rick I could kiss you for inventing Alex! If you want to collect that kiss you’ll have to come to Austria though. *lol* Well, and if you’re already at it, it wouldn’t hurt if you’d bring a signed copy of your book as well. Just saying. ;-P

”My pronouns are he and him,” Alex confirmed. “And you can stop staring.”
“I wasn’t …” I caught myself. Arguing would’ve been pointless.

Also I love the idea that Alex might end up being Magnus love interest!!! I mean it’s pretty obvious that he likes her/him. All that blushing and feeling warm and fuzzy whenever she/he is around is enough reason to expect a ship to sail. And no, I’m not talking about “The Ship of the Dead” even though I’m pretty certain that we can expect THAT ship to sail as well. *lol* Better don’t think about it. Dead peoples nails… Ewww!!! *shudders*

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Nope, I’d rather like Alex’s and Magnus’ ship to sail! Thank you very much! XD

All told “The Hammer of Thor” was another amazing adventure and I can’t wait to read the final book of this trilogy! Give me all those intriguing background stories, suspenseful fights, weird and awkward moments and an adorable ship to sail! <3
I want it all! 😉

I mean OBVIOUSLY I LOVED IT. It’s a Riordan book! What other emotions is a reader to have except: 40% laughing, 40% fangirling, and 20% thinking about falafel??? (There is so much falafel appreciation here, by the way. It’s truly inspirational.) ANYWAY. I definitely thought this was another exciting and captivating instalment (although, still, like the first book…I think it got a bit rambly) and I loved the newly introduced characters and I loved how whacky all the gods were. And can we take a moment to just appreciate HOW HILARIOUS THESE BOOKS ARE??!? I LAUGH. I LAUGH AND LAUGH.


So firstly, I have to yell about the characters. There’s just so much diversity here, that it’s glorious. Plus all the secondary characters are enormously interesting and complex with a good dollop of TRAGIC. 3

Magnus of course remains a top-favourite…although at times (this might seem weird to say…) he nearly felt like a secondary character in this story?! It was honestly more about Loki’s children and Magnus is child of Frey so…YEAH. But he has tons of sassy quips, he’s such a sarcastic dork, and he gets a terrible haircut. So lovely.
Sam is still AWESOME although totally stubborn which gets them into a bit of puddles. Also I think it’s adorable how in love she is with her betrothed Muslim boy, Amir. (And I’m still so insanely impressed there’s no romance between her and Magus. YAAAAS.)
I also loved the introduction of Alex Fierro…but I was worried for a bit! Alex comes in really rude and snipy and, gah, I was just worried? BUT THEN ALEX ENDS UP BEING COMPLETELY AWESOME AND I LOVE ALEX. Also Alex is gender-fluid, but goes by he/she pronouns depending on the day. And like, I hope this is okay to say, but I really appreciated the open and blunt discussions on gender-fluidity. I think that’d be really helpful for kids who have questions (or maybe are discovering things about their sexuality/identity themselves) to be able to just read how Alex experiences their gender-fluidity OUTRIGHT without people being angry all the time at discussing it. Also Alex is a shape-shifting child of Loki so, like awesome is just in the top percentiles here.

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I love the Sam/Magnus/Alex trio!! (And of course we won’t forget Hearth and Blitz the trusty sidekicks!) The dynamics, banter, and adventures surrounding them were awesome.

Also no romance?! wOOO!! I have a feeling it’ll be Magnus/Alex eventually? Magnus has done a lot of staring and kind of dropped his brain when he saw Alex in a really nice dress. SO. I predict….but so far, I would still say “No romance” for this book.

And I appreciate all the pop-culture references too. IT’S HILARIOUS. (Although the book will be seriously dated in 10 years, but whatever.) When gods are taking selfies and watching Netflix, I’m just going to be over here enjoying myself okay?!

As for the actual plot? It was like 80% awesome and 20% “this is kind of a needless side-tour and why are we doing this get to the point mate”. #awkward The quests (in this case, to find Thor’s hammer) are always rambly…but sometimes I just want to CUT TO THE CHASE (hahhahhahaa…get it??! Magnus Chase?? HAHAH. Yeah I’ll shut up) instead of having a bowling competition with some giants. What can I say. I’m impatient.

But we still met more hilarious ludicrous gods. Including more about Thor who’s addicted to Netflix, and the guy who guards the bridge (I’m sorry…Norse spelling = me dead) being super into selfies. OH and we get more of Hearth’s backstory and it’s super tragic. POOR ELF.

ALL IN ALL: It was a fabulously awesome hilarious and engaging story! I kept getting interrupted every time I sat down to read and YEAH I’M GONNA START CHUCKING HAMMERS IN A SECOND TOO. I weep 2 tears for the rambly plot and shout 8 hurrahs for how much I snickered. And then I’ll just go pet the cover because the font is slightly raised and shiny and I’m in love with it. Book dragon, yo.

The hammer of Thor PDF google drive | The hammer of thor pdf weebly | The Hammer of Thor pdf Archive

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