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[PDF] The Eyes of Darkness Book PDF Download By Dean Koontz

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Book: The Eyes of Darkness Book PDF Download By Dean Koontz

Author: Dean Koontz

Size: 12Mb

TitleThe Eyes of darkness
 AuthorDean Koontz

The Eyes of Darkness Book PDF Review

Well, tell me, what do you mean by the word ‘revolution’? Why do we become revolutionaries? When did we embark on the path of revolution? You may find the answer in Samaresh Majumdar’s book ‘Garbhadharini’.
This revolutionary thought of changing the social system always comes first from the educated student community. Ananda, Sudip, Jayita, Kalyan are the four central characters of the novel who represent the four families of the society of that time. The social and political decline of twentieth-century India moved their young minds. So, inspired by the word ‘revolution’, four friends cut the mattresses of bourgeois power in three consecutive actions with their unaccustomed hands. As a result, they had to hide in a village in the Himalayas where the nails of civilization were not cut.
Some favorite quotes 6

“Bengalis know nothing to leave today except feces, urine and semen”

‘Poison at the beginning of the word’ sad ‘, although there is no irritation in it “

“We catch a glimpse of the people we see regularly in the outside world, with whom we become friends or work. We have no idea about their behavior when they go back to their bedroom.”

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“When a notorious murderer kills himself, people show sympathy for him. The dead are innocent forever!”

“As long as the soul is in front of everyone’s eyes, the body that went away is the annihilation of existence. Some people remember some years, years or centuries. But most people forget the rest of the people in three months.”

The Eyes of Darkness Book PDF Download By Dean Koontz

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