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Book: The dark prophecy google drive | The dark prophecy pdf download free

Type: Adventure

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The dark prophecy google drive | The dark prophecy pdf download free Book Review

I tried to think of a brilliant plan. Unfortunately, the only thing that came to mind was weeping in terror.

What an absolute dork. I love him so much ♥

Honestly, Apollo is hands down my favourite character that Riordan has ever created. I know all of these books have the same light, humourous tone, but none of the others seem to make me laugh so much. Apollo is just so sassy and snarky, and his disdain for humans rings with hilarious truth.

I think I like these Apollo stories so much more because they feel the most unique. Many of the other voices – e.g. Percy Jackson and Magnus Chase – started to blend together after a little while, and their characters were hard to distinguish from one another. And the plots of the other books seemed to move in similar cycles of prophecy-quest-resolution, whereas this and The Hidden Oracle contained more surprises.

Did I mention that it’s full of laughs?
“Oh!” I said. “Um…nah.” I leaned against the wall, hoping to look casual, attractive and suave. Unfortunately, I missed the wall.

Also, I just kind of love that Apollo is a narcissistic ass. Don’t get me wrong, I praised the Percy Jackson series for being all about how a seemingly regular kid discovers he is actually so much more and proceeds to become a hero. This is a great message. But sometimes there is just something so delightful about a character who is definitely NOT a hero and doesn’t even pretend to be.

In this book, Apollo has left Camp Half-Blood behind and is venturing out to restore Oracles and – hopefully – regain his place on Mount Olympus after Zeus cast him out and made him human. It is full of adventure, haiku and mechanical dragons, as well as some great LGBTQ+ representation (Apollo is, himself, bisexual). I can’t wait for more.

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Quick note: there are spoilers for the Percy Jackson books, so maybe don’t read this if you haven’t read them yet.

“Hail, Toilet Caesar”
“I don’t like spoilers.”

With The Hidden Oracle’s prophecy unraveled, our ex-god – demigod – ex-sorceress trio is already on the way towards the second stage of the journey. As if it hadn’t been funny enough with all the bad things which kept happening to Apollo, Leo is back, not only to add his own share of humor, but to torment Apollo whenever possible.

“That is one messed-up Oracle.”
“Defense Plan Omega – falling to my knees and begging for mercy.”

An entirely new set of vivid characters help move along the plot, which is somewhat longer than the first, while letting us meet a couple of characters we had encountered in PJO and HoO. Environs of Commodianapolis was interesting, and I have no complaints. I liked all the new characters, and hope at least some of them will make re-appearances down the line. Unlike in PJO and HoO, the storyline seems to be moving along the main plot line. Even with the first person narrative in PJO, we had a number of sub-plots while moving towards doomsday, but ToA appears to have no sub-plots so far. I do miss that a little.


It’s interesting to see how Riordan has chosen to allow Apollo to look back to his godly days and regret every now and then. It’s not predictable at all and quite unusual. One instance, he’d recall something and regret his behavior as a god, and then another moment, he’d argue he was entitled to do so, even without reason. This rollercoaster of guilt keeps on the move throughout the story, and even more pronounced than it did in The Hidden Oracle. Very amusing way to observe Apollo’s character evolvement.


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Things are beginning to escalate, but haven’t reached PJO-HoO status.. not yet… Hope it’ll change soon.

“We only fail when we stop trying.”

Basically it’s just the #1 fact of life that any book in the Camp Halfblood world CAN DO NO WRONG. This was a completely fabulous sequel to The Hidden Oracle! Although I didn’t like it quite as much because (A) it wasn’t as hilarious, although still funny, and (B) the plot wasn’t as exciting and twisty as the first one. But it was still an entirely solid read for me and I think I’m half in love with Apollo — who is a DORK and narcissist and but what can you do. He’s adorable.

I think Apollo’s character development is just so fabulous. He’s still 100% full of himself and really surprised when the world doesn’t revolve around him (this happens to the best of us tbh), but he keeps getting more and more loyal to his demigod companions. And he’s utter trash for looking after Meg. And, on occasion, he might even do something self-sacrificial instead of letting everyone else perish in his wake. #lovely I do hate how they ALWAYS give him a rough time though!! I mean, I get it…he’s was horrible god. But like he tries so hard and Meg is so mean to him and Calypso and Leo give him 500% a rough time. Althoooooough. That is also what friends are for. And everyone they meet blames him for EVERYTHING. It’s actually surprising that he stays in such good spirits about his own godliness when he’s cleaning toilets and peeling carrots.

I’m still waiting to warm up to Meg though??? I wasn’t really invested in her in book #1, and she just continues to be a rude little turnip. I suppose it’s meant to be endearing??? I find the actual root vegetable more endearing. I guess I’m a fan of manners and kindness, both of which Meg is allergic to.

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• the unexpected; because seriously you have no idea what this book is going to throw at you next
• gods on facebook
• monsters, murder, and mayhem
• booby traps
• prophecies that nearly kill you
• tofu
• mechanical dragons that are designed like lego
• a house that only shows you the rooms it wants to and expands when requested
• griffins
• featuring f/f parent couple
• bisexual Apollo
• sass
• fighting

I laughed so much omg. The lines are HYSTERICAL and I think Apollo’s tendency to use “god like speech” but then mesh it with modern pop-culture references and narcissistic haikus is just the best thing since cupcakes were invented. I am such a fan omg. He’s got a relaly different voice to Percy Jackson too, which is GREAT.

And I also love how the structure of these books are less like the PJO books. They’re on an adventure that continually unravels, so it’s not the same-old-same-old plot set up (get a prophecy, assemble a team, go on a quest, nearly die, etc.) of the PJO books. It’s just a bit refreshing and sets them apart.

BUT SHOULD YOU BE READING APOLLO IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE PERCY JACKSON BOOKS? Erm. No. There are spoilers for the Percy books. And even that aside, you wouldn’t get a lot of the references/characters.

ALL IN ALL: this was definitely a hilariously glorious sequel! Maybe it wasn’t as fast moving or exciting as other Halfblood books, and maaaaybe it dragged a bit in the middle. But it was still funny and used a LOT of the more obscure Greek myths so I was forced to learn things. How dare it. I’m definitely a huge fan of Apollo!! 10/10 will recommend giving Apollo a cookie and perhaps a break, but also it’s hilarious to watch him suffer through being a human.

The dark prophecy google drive | The dark prophecy pdf download free

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