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Book: The Burning Maze PDF Google Docs | The Burning Maze PDF WordPress

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The Burning Maze PDF Google Docs | The Burning Maze PDF WordPress Book Review

“Pain is an interesting thing. You think you have reached your limit and you can’t possibly feel more tortured. Then you discover there is still another level of agony. And another level after that.”

Dear Mr.Riordan,
The Burning Maze wasn’t what I expected at all. You dared to DO THAT in this book, and yes, I’m here weeping for what you’ve done. The book is like the mixture of The Battle of the Labyrinth and The House of Hades which turns up to be my favorite of the year since I was halfway through it. There’s no moment when I got bored or annoyed by the characters, not at all.

“Satyrs aren’t dryads, but we have roots, too. Camp Half Blood is mine.”

To be honest, Lester isn’t always my favorite character when I started reading the first book. He’s immature and often gets everyone in trouble. He is indeed Apollo but actually he doesn’t act like one. Besides, Meg is also a dull character that I almost look over her all the time. Yet they’re the reasons why I’m in love with this book so much that I can’t get my mind back to normal even though I finished it like two weeks ago.

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The book starts off with the gang exploring the maze while they’re being chased by the avian creatures (i forget what they’re called. so please forgive me lol). After they survive, Lester must to seek the third oracle whom he sees in his dream that she’s the one being captured and used to lure him to the trap. However, he’s left with no choices. Apollo must cooperate with Jason and Piper in order to acheive what he’s set out to do.

There’re so many twists and turns in this book and I dare say it’s a real tearjerking and groundbreaking book that got me crazy with I finished. The cadence is very perfect and made me laugh so many times. The best of all is the development of the main characters after what they have been through making me so pround.

And the ending tore me apart. So be prepared!

“Remember what it’s like to be human,”

Hey folks! It’s that time of year when I write a really incoherent screamy review about Rick Riordan’s books and I get told to chill, but I have no chill when it comes to Rick Riordan. And believe me when I say that this time, Rick Riordan is not fucking around.

Don’t get me wrong – for a lot of the book, we’ve got the same fun adventure romp that many readers have come to love about Rick’s books, even if it is somewhat formulaic. We’ve got Apollo in all his melodrama, with soooooooo many references to pop culture and history, for both modern teenagers AND their parents. So many. SO. MANY. Apollo, as always, is such a horrifying delight to read, because he’s a disaster, and he’s so conceited, but it’s all very endearing. That being said, I believe that Apollo’s a lot more sympathetic than he was in the first or second books – he’s learned some humility. His earlier adventures have stuck with him, and it was great to see so much character development.

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It was really exciting seeing Grover again, and seeing how much he’s matured. I’m so proud of him. And the Hedge family – I really grew into loving the three of them in this book, even though I didn’t really pay them a lot of heed in the Heroes of Olympus. We also got some old villains, like Medea, which was really cool to see.

Spoilers from this point on.

My first question is: HOW DARE YOU. I should have more to say in this review but ajfkdsla I really want to leave it at that. I am in PAIN. I swear this is probably the most gutting Riordan book I’ve read so far????? I’m desperately hoping #4 rectifies some OBVIOUS TYPOS that this one left. Because…


First off, I do admit I don’t remember the first 2 books very well. Awkward pause. I’m definitely going to do a full series reread before #4 comes out. But I caught up pretty quick that we’re looking for oracles (dunno why) so Apollo can get to be a god again (again, not sure why he isn’t a god now) and he’s enslaved to Meg (which I still feel dubious about because if the genders were swapped on that, it’d be very inappropriate? but anyway). I also am a little pissed at how often Apollo bemoans he’s flabby and ugly. I GET that he does this because he’s vain, but I do hope he’ll learn to accept Lester’s body soon? Because idk peoples pls dial back on the body shaming.

ANYWAY! Everything else?! SO MUCH LOVE. I felt the pacing was great for this one, the action scenes are always engaging, and the tension and stakes were SO FRIKKIN’ HIGH. It was so intense. They basically only got to sleep twice and eat a few cheese enchiladas?! Feed my poor children pls.

We also get the return of Piper and Jason! They play a pretty huge roll (Leo isn’t much in this one till the end). I loooove how characters from the previous series return. Also Grover! He’s a big starring character.

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And oh yeah that little part where…IT RIPPED OUT MY HEART. I was not expecting it and am nottttt okKkkKKKK.

The Burning Maze PDF Google Docs | The Burning Maze PDF WordPress

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