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[PDF] The Art of Thinking Clearly PDF Download

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Book: The Art of Thinking Clearly PDF Download


TitleThe Art of Thinking Clearly PDF Download

The Art of Thinking Clearly PDF Book Intro

The ideas explained in The Art of Thinking Clearly PDF Download is based on the ideas of “think fast and slow” book. In this book, you will engage into much details which is going to help you to think straight, clearly and correctly.

Outcome bias is one of the obstacles that will block you from thinking clearly. Do not judge anyone before you understand what is happening backstage. if you do not apply that, you will never judge fairly and you will be biased.

Annadashankar tells Jibanananda – the purest poet, American researcher Clinton B. Silly says – A Poet Apart, Buddhadeb Basu used to call him – the solitary poet, Binoy Majumdar called him – gray. And this time Shahaduzzaman called Jibanananda by a completely new name, ‘An Orange’. Why this naming? Why call this name?
Shahaduzzaman named the novel after Jibanananda Das’s poem “Orange”. Although the reader may not understand it at first, he will understand it effortlessly towards the end of the novel. Not only for this reason, I also understand Jibanananda’s life as round, circular, temporary like an orange.

Shahaduzzaman said that the ghost of Jibanananda has haunted him since childhood; It is as if he wants to exorcise that ghost by writing ‘an orange’. Shahaduzzaman has come to discover Jibanananda. He has read all the literary works of Jibanananda. Looking at the bibliography behind an orange, it is seen that no significant type of writing about Jibanananda has been left out of his reference till date.

From this it is understood that after discovering the deep complexities and mysteries of Jibanananda’s life, he started a literary work. Jibanananda’s life is planted in the pages of the novel in a neat and tidy way like planting paddy of an experienced farmer in the field. “He had to leave the Barisal river, Jonaki, and set foot on the tramline of Calcutta, spread like a primitive snake. He looked at the earth in amazement.”

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We are all like deer shot dead, eating shrimp day after day on cheap boarding without earning money, yet the golden lion is seen in the clouds of the west, writing thousands of pages of poems, stories, novels, diaries in small letters like ants. Like, the rest is secretly locked in a black trunk. This enigmatic man of Bengali literature has a close relationship with Jibanananda Das. Shahaduzzaman begins the novel with Jibanananda’s mysterious tram accident. He went to Jibanananda’s diary and analyzed it.

Jibanananda understands that Trump has already planned to leave us in the event of an accident. Because one of his poems is: “From sidewalks to sidewalks in Kolkata – from sidewalks to sidewalks – Like a few primitive snake brothers, this tram line is spread out I am walking on the soles of my feet, feeling the poisonous taste of their blood all over my body. ” Is it an accident? Or suicide? Or murder. This mystery is still shrouded in mystery. 1899 Jibanananda Das was born in the lap of Kusum Kumari in a corner house on Bogra Road and Gorsthan Road in Barisal. Nickname Milu.

Jibanananda Das could not really be the son of this poem of mother. He didn’t get first class for just a few numbers at the beginning of his life which has plagued him all his life. Going to work, he repeatedly got the teaching due to his father’s recommendation or someone’s compassion rather than his own qualifications, although he has never been a famous or popular teacher. Once got a newspaper job which he could not do himself; Left like all other jobs !.
Jaundice was in Jibanananda’s childhood. In Tanaporen’s family, treatment is like a luxury. However, Kusumakumari went to Calcutta to save her son. Jibanananda recovered. He set foot in adolescence.

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The Art of Thinking Clearly PDF Download

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