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[PDF] Step Up to Medicine 5th Edition PDF Download | Step-up to Medicine PDF google drive

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Book: Step Up to Medicine 5th Edition PDF Download | Step-up to Medicine PDF google drive

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In this novel, the author unmasks the business of a class of people based on shrines in post-independence Bangladesh.
Ali Kenan, the protagonist of the story, once shouted, “I have as much money as Sheikh Mujib has in his bank!”
The author has told a long story about how an ordinary person got so much money.

Ali Kenan and his three brothers saved the Governor of East Bengal from being buried in Salil. From then on, Ali Kenan became the governor’s khas. Ali Kenan began to stay at the governor’s residence, as he was well-received by the governor. Ali had to get a ‘pass’ from Kenan to meet the governor. Ali Kenan had such power.

For a mistake, the governor kicked Ali Kenan out of the governor’s house. Ali Kenan, on the other hand, dominated his territory alone by seizing power. The author explains how he will return to his area after being deposed,
“Ali Kenan can’t go back to the village of Tamapukur in Bhola, just as he can’t go back to the place where his mother was nine months pregnant.”

Ali Kenan began begging a few days after he was expelled from the governor’s house. This, of course, cannot be called begging, it can be called extortion. Beggars usually address the beggar as ‘Baba’. But Ali Kenan calls himself a father and says, “Give me a taha.”

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There is no request in the manner of speaking, there is a flurry of orders. Thus on the first day he collected thirteen rupees. At the end of his begging, Kenan Ali started a mazar business by making a lungi of Lal Salur and an azanulambit cloak. He paints a puppy, puts a bell around his neck and goes to the shops to ask for money. The shopkeepers also refuse to pay. Kenan Ali doesn’t take less than a penny.

Music is played at the shrine every Thursday. Not only the lower class people but also the upper class people started coming to the music hall. In the words of the author, the shrines would have become a desert without the juice of the song. There was no need for people to go there.

There is a risk that the capital of another business will die, but not in the Mazar business. People will come to the shrine, because he is weak, helpless and ambitious. There is no calculation of how many times Rasgolla, Jillipi, Agarbati are sold next to the shrine.

Ali Kenan’s influence grew to such an extent that one of the British television channels made a documentary about Ali Kenan. The day the news broke, Ali Kenan’s necklace was auctioned off for 40,000 rupees. After such a rise, all the influence of Ali Kenan fell to the ground. Read the book to know that story, I left this twist.

PS: There are still hundreds of Ali Canaanites in our society. We can try to unmask these Ali Canaanites through public awareness. By capturing the hypocrisy of the Ali Canaanites.

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Step Up to Medicine 5th Edition PDF Download | Step-up to Medicine PDF google drive

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