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[PDF] Qasas Ul Anbiya in Urdu PDF Free Download

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Book: Qasas Ul Anbiya in Urdu PDF Free Download

Type: in Urdu

Size: 2MB

Ebook Qisas Al Anbiya Urdu pdf free download read Islamic stories of the prophets in Urdu, The collection of Islamic historical stories of prophets (Anbiya Kiram Ale Salam). Qasas ul anbiya in Urdu pdf very famous Islamic history book. Free download best Urdu Islamic books and Islamic stories in Urdu from this blog.

Summary of the story: An eight-year-old Bengali youth named Milon comes to an island with a job with a monthly salary of five thousand rupees. The name of the island is ‘Cinnamon’. There are only two inhabitants of the island – Milon and a dumb man, and there is a Hanuman. On the weekends, the sailors bring the necessities of life by boat and load the goods produced on the island by boat.

So, Milne doesn’t have the good fortune to talk to people six days a week. You have to come to this island by boat from a place called ‘Bindu’, all the people of that point are liars. Milon accidentally had an affair with Bindu’s liar girl Oyster. Accustomed to the life of the island, the reunion of various dream sisters, various calculations. One day a wave came in that quiet life, leaving two people in a boat and an indigenous girl.

And … another storm, a terrible tsunami. If you want to know the rest, you have to read ‘It happens in a dream’. This novel is a story about the life of a young man living in the Bay of Bengal, an inner duality and an anecdote of man’s primitiveness outside the civilized world.

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Qasas Ul Anbiya in Urdu PDF Free Download



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