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Book: Palmistry in Urdu PDF Download

Type: Palmistry

Size: 20MB

Palmistry Book in Urdu With Pictures Free Download PDF or read online. Anybody can learn palmistry in the Urdu dialect With the assistance of this PDF Book. here is a free palmistry in Urdu guide. Dast Shanasi yaani Hathon ki Lakeer parhne ka Mukammal Tareqa in a Free PDF Book.

I couldn’t believe it when I heard the first thing from Hasan. Shawkat “Puppet”? Not exactly Puppet Shaw, Hassan responds like confused. What do you call it? He has a doll in his hand, he talks to him. Ventrilaquism !! Rumi sounds surprised. That’s great! One of us is a ventriloquist, absolutely incredible. Seeing Hasan’s bewildered face, he was not familiar with the word. Rumi explained to him that ventriloquism is a very rare science.

In simple words, it is throwing the word, in such a way that it seems that the word is coming from somewhere in the vicinity, not from the mouth of the person who is speaking. Hassan tries to remember. He had a shawl a week ago, he wanted to meet her at the end of the shawl. I couldn’t catch it.

Ventrilaquism is not very well known in our country right now. There are a couple of ventrilaquists who do not have a hand, but they are non-professionals, they practice it as a hobby or to surprise people. The surprise was elsewhere.
Shawkat fell into severe typhoid during the Inter examination, and for a long time he suffered a permanent loss before the fever subsided. From then on, the hardest thing he could do was ‘talk’. He almost lost his speech!

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Is Shae still alive today? Hassan looked at his watch, it was seven o’clock in the evening, so Shaye was last two hours later, the place was near Uttara, if he wanted to go, it would not be too late. Auction. The love of seeing Shawkat’s shay won, the three of us left Zaheer. Hasan will just take us to his car, he will have to return to Chittagong at night. Shawkat was being discussed on the go. Listening to them reminded me of Shaw, a ventriloquist seen on TV a few days ago.

Not because a comedian’s hand puppet was talking, but because I could see that the conversation was quite accessible. But I doubted if there was any witchcraft, because the doll’s jaw was not moving at all while the doll was talking. Is it at all possible to move the lips and talk? I said to myself. ‘That’s not the point, Rumi begins to explain, in fact all the words that need to be uttered with the lips, Ventriloquist avoids them.

For example, is to move the lips for these letters, in English labial sound p f b v m they are Says to be replaced by something else. For example, you An idiot – what a ventriloquist would call it ‘you’re an idiot’. And since the resonance of the voice is high, these small things cannot be caught. Basically, the real credit is to speak in different voices like Harbalas, if you practice not moving your face, everyone will be able to. We arrived five minutes before the start of the show.

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Palmistry in Urdu PDF Download

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