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[PDF] Pakistan Studies Book for BSC PDF in Urdu free download

Hello everybody. Today we will share Pakistan Studies Book for BSC PDF in Urdu free download link. We hope you will love this.

Book: Pakistan Studies Book for BSC PDF in Urdu free download

Type: BSC Book

Size: 30MB

Pakistan Studies Notes for CSS and PCS BA BSc PDF download wrote by Dr Muhammad Moiz Khan Assistant Professor Department of the History University of Karachi Pakitan, This is a preprint draft of my ebook. I am writing a book on the History of Pakistan from 1857 until 1947. And another one from 1947 till 2018. His draft really has material from each of them. 

I am reviewing the two books together for special reasons. The reason is that the content of the story in these two books is the same. But the content and presentation of the characters are a little different. There are light spoilers so those who want to maintain the suspense of the story can avoid the review.

Two books are historical thrillers. And the subject matter of the two books is the modern weapon made through the lost knowledge of ancient India which is mythologically called Brahmastra. Both the Mahabharata and the Ramayana mention the Brahmastra. In both myths, the Brahmastra is said to be the most powerful weapon ever made by the gods. Christopher C. Doyle’s Mahabharata Secret and Siddique Ahmed’s Dasagriva tell the story of the adventurous expeditions of two archaeological teams in search of this Brahmastra and the encounter with the evil cycle to seize the Brahmastra.

The Mahabharata Secret Book explores the Brahmastra in the form of Biman Rupi from the ancient context of the Mahabharata mythology, while the book Dashagriva explores the Brahmastra called Chandrahas based on the story of the Ramayana. In two books, the role of the Mauryan emperor Ashoka has been highlighted in a slightly different way so that this ancient Brahmastra does not fall into the hands of bad people and be used against civilization. In the book Mahabharata Secret, it is said that in order to hide the Brahmastra and its technical information from human civilization, Emperor Ashoka formed a fraternity of 9 members and left the sources for finding the Brahmastra in various forms to these 9 members.

These 9 members of the fraternity have been carrying this mystery over time and passing it on to the new members elected by them. The fraternity has always maintained its secrecy so that Brahmastra technology does not come out in any way. On the other hand, Siddique Ahmed’s book Dashagrib also mentions this 9-member association during the reign of Emperor Ashoka. But in this case it has been shown that the fraternity is not protecting the privacy of Brahmastra but is working to increase its power by rescuing it.

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Pakistan Studies Book for BSC PDF in Urdu free download

pak studies notes

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