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[PDF] Organic Chemistry as a Second Language PDF Download

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Book: Organic Chemistry as a Second Language PDF

Type: Organic Chemistry

Size: 20MB

Download Organic Chemistry as a Second Language PDF book free online Second Semester Topics – From Organic Chemistry as a Second Language PDF: Organic chemistry can be a challenging subject. Most students view organic chemistry as a subject requiring hours upon hours of memorization. Author David Klein’s Second Language books prove this is not true―organic chemistry is one continuous story that actually makes sense if you pay attention.

Like most girls in girls’ schools, I was a male hater in my teens. I thought men were the only possible rapists. I will never get married in my life. I will be alone for the rest of my life. At that time, reading this book would have been like “Icing on the pie”.

But by the time I read the book, my mental maturity had come. I have learned to understand the subtle differences between feminism and male hatred. Maybe that’s why I was as good at first as I was reading, but at the end I was just as disappointed. The story of Satkahan Deepavali, an indomitable brave girl who became a woman. The story of being enlightened in one’s own light by struggling against destiny.

When I was reading at the beginning, the view of the tea garden of Jalpaiguri seemed to be floating in front of my eyes. I keep reading with strange fascination. But after finishing reading, it seems that in some places, Diwali’s self-esteem has gone to the level of egoism. He had the opportunity to correct some of Alok’s mistakes; But instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure.

Alok tries hard enough to keep Diwali in his life towards the end. I thought the man could have been given another chance. Arjun Naik’s character is quite interesting. All in all the book is good, but in my opinion there was some wrong message here. I personally think that in some areas of life you have to trade off; Be it women or men, or organizations, or the state.

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The Bengali translation of the book ‘Risalatul Mustarshidin’ is ‘Path of Liberation in the Age of Fitna’. This is the first translation of this book in Bengali. Zayed Altaf has translated this book which is almost a thousand years old. Its introduction, relevant explanations and annotations have been added by Allama Abdul Fattah Abu Guddah Rahimahullah, a world-renowned scholar of Hadith in Arabia. Undoubtedly, the Qur’an is the greatest book.

Heart apothecary. The book Path of Liberation in the Age of Fitna discusses various diseases of the human heart. In addition to the discussion there are beautiful solutions according to the Shariah and the events of various elderly people. Here are some heartbreaking incidents from the lives of the great people of Islam that will break your heart. Imam Shafi’i, Imam Ahmed, Allama Ibn Taymiyyah, Hasan Basri Rahmatullahi Alaihi, Ibn Qayyim Rahimahullah, Imam Ibn Jawzi Rahimahullah and many other famous personalities are included in this book.

‘Path of Liberation in the Age of Fitna’ is basically a self-purifying book. Halal-haram has been discussed here as well as happiness-sorrow, affluence-indigestion. Destiny is destined to be from God. Three incidents have been given as irrefutable proof of destiny. We are on the wrong path, a nation that has fallen into the world. Every line in this book will remind you of this. InshaAllah, the book will play an impeccable role for a reader, especially as an effective medicine for the heart disease of the reader.
An insignificant reader like me has no ability to write a review of this book.

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Yet I have presented as much as I could with incompetent hands. I have written only for this purpose so that I can present the importance of the book to you. I could not hold back my tears after reading the book. Alhamdulillah, I have been able to determine the weak points of my faith by reading the stories of the faith of the great elders towards Allah.

Here the importance of knowledge, the importance of silence, the importance of good morals, the importance of taqwa, honesty, faith, zikir, etc. are presented in a beautiful way that will soften your heart when read. According to knowledge, deeds will increase inshaAllah.

Organic Chemistry as a Second Language PDF

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