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Book: One Minute Manager in Tamil PDF Free Download

Types: Motivational

Size: 20MB

Who do we love adventure! Isn’t it? Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ……….. Let’s not go back to the Hejaz region of the seventh century. Let’s see the story of an ordinary desert boy becoming extraordinary. Come to know a wonderful person.

Yes, I was talking about ‘The Prophet’, a translation of the world-famous book ‘The First Muslim’ by Leslie Hazelton, a writer of Jewish descent. Collect the book without delay and read it. And get lost in the desert of Hejaz. However, fasten the seat belt. Because you are going to get a thrilling experience.

Plot: Writing about the life story of a man who is the role model for all of us. Who went from ordinary desert child to a successful businessman. From there he is the last prophet or messenger of the Muslim world. Is a great leader. A successful politician and a brave warrior.

The book written about the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). His story is about an impossibly beautiful and thrilling 63-year-old anecdote. But the story is true. All other dramatic or hyper-dramatic stories to which the rate is compelled. Such is the story of a special man.

How was he? What kind of trouble did he do? How did you spend this life? Do you want to know? Then the book is for you. Start collecting and feel the man. Reader Feelings: Tears come to our eyes when we read some books, whether in excitement or not. He comes to me. However, the water stays in the eyes or dries up before it reaches the cheeks.

Today, when I felt tears in my eyes while reading the book, I thought that if I didn’t write a pen about this, it would be a big mistake. I am really amazed at how much love the author has shown to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) even though he is a Jew. Ever wondered if I could love the Prophet (peace be upon him) so much?

I have read the book over time. Ever felt the boundless love of the writer or ever lost in the midst of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). In a word, even if it is called a masterpiece, it is less for the book. Since I am a student of Madrasa, I have enough possession in Sirat. Yet I have learned something from this that I never knew. I felt a shiver that I never did.

Translator’s Discussion: This is the first time I have read the translation or book of Abdullah Ibn Mahmud Bhai. I like the very neat translation. The simple translation fascinated me so much that I sometimes wondered if the author had written in Bengali. Later I thought to myself, hey, it is not possible.

In a word, it was a great translation. However, the translator himself has done enough research on the book. Since the author is Jewish, she has made factual mistakes in some places and it is normal to do so.

The translator has written the correct places with quotations. He can be given a separate credit for that. I am really fascinated by the translator’s translation. I am waiting for his next translation ‘After the Prophet’. Good luck for his future work.

One Minute Manager in Tamil PDF Free Download

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