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[PDF] Old Hikmat Books in Urdu free Download PDF

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Book: Old Hikmat Books in Urdu free Download PDF

Type: Hikmat Books

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Ubqari magazine Urdu literature free best Hikmat and herbal medicine book in Urdu title name of this book are Hukuma Ki Zindagion Ka Tibbi Nachorh written by Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Chughtahi Ph.D. America. The life experience of Hakeem or tibbi hukama amazing and writer uncovered secret herbal medicine.

It is not the labor of the working people that squeezes the empty bosses, it squeezes their own thoughts, their own language. How education should be, why our education is failing, students, how incompetent teachers are constantly destroying our students, why countless tender-hearted children are falling, why or why our education is so juiceless, its full picture is revealed in this book.

A teacher should read the book. Why should I read? Education is a lifelong process. This applies to the teacher as well as the student. If a teacher does not study regularly, if he is not up to date, what will he teach students?
I read this book and thought about my university teacher. I laughed out loud. My very desire is to distribute such books for free among the university teachers of our country.

Of course, I do not expect them to read for free. They are very busy with the red party, white party, senate election and how to keep the mattress right by flattery. At the beginning of the book it is said what should be done in real education. Such students will be teachers. That is, the students of the upper class will teach the students of the lower class. Everyone must solve the problem together.

Solving problems alone is a kind of selfishness. Teachers in our country sometimes seem to be the biggest obstacle to education. Suppose a class of six writes in a boy’s notebook – the sentence will be like this, the choice of words will be wrong, it will have to be written bigger, if you write like this you will not get good marks and so on. Do you expect a PhD from a school child?

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Good education is about inspiring, empowering people to overcome obstacles, teaching them to imagine, teaching them to think outside the box, giving them the ability to work in different ways. These are the teachers who insult the students, write comments, call the parents and say who is responsible for the weakness of your children in their studies? Of course the teacher? Hey brother, we have to go to the hospital because we are sick, we go to school because we don’t know. If he was strong, he would not have to go to educational institutions.

The best book for who want grows or sells herbs for use as medicine and detail method of plants which are used in making herbal medicine and read instruction, Tibbi Aqwal and best health tips in Urdu You may read more Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Chughtai books read online or download Amil Kamil Bannay Ke Raaz and Jadoo Jinnaat Islam Aur Jadeed Science.

Old Hikmat Books in Urdu free Download PDF

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