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[PDF] No Excuses the Power of Self-Discipline PDF in Hindi

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Book: No Excuses the Power of Self-Discipline PDF in Hindi

Type: Motivational

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Short audiobook that can be finished in an hour. Enthusiastic speaker. Self-discipline seems to be a multi-part plan — a mind and body balancing act. But most important idea is — SACRIFICE. There are some good tips and anecdotes when appropriate.

Essentially, there needs to be a lot of hard work before you can reap the rewards. You need to keep things in focus and not let the goals be fuzzy. Make a top ten list. Visualize the success so that your subconscious will work toward it. Practice being courageous. Find what scares you and work at it; repeat to yourself, “I can do it, I can do it, I can do it” then do it. So the benefits are for nobody but you.

There’s also talk of exercising to help get the body discipline… get some oxygen to your brain — get the endorphins flowing. And, very good for us readers, there’s mention of continuous learning, such as reading one book a week will add up to 50 books a year — where the average American barely reads one book a year. If you read 50 books within your given field, it’s like studying for a PhD or so he says… and listening to audiobooks as you drive to work — since all that driving time in a year will add up to a few months or semesters worth of time to learn.

Bottom line: if you need that booster shot of motivation, it’s a nice listen.

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Amazing book, if you ever read anything by Brian Tracy you know this guy delivers but in this book especially he nailed down every single aspect of success for each area of life through the practice of self-discipline. If you implement any tip out of this book (and there’s hundreds of them) the quality of your life will instantly go up.

While going through the chapters I had a ton of aha moments and the content helped me set more clear goals in my own life. “No Excuses” will literally force you to stop making excuses that are holding you back and take responsibility for your happiness and success. Highly recommended! 

I read this book as a companion to Eat That Frog, by the same author, Brian Tracy. Eat that Frog is more into the practices methods of success, while this book is more detailed and focuses on the self-discipline in various aspects of life: Personal, Business, and the Good Life. Below is the detailed list of the aspects where Tracy discuss how to incorporate self-discipline into them:

I- Personal Success
1- Success
2- Character.
3- Responsibility.
4- Goals.
5- Personal Excellence.
6- Courage.
7- Persistence.

II- Business, Sales, and Finances:
8- Work.
9- Leadership.
10- Business.
11- Sales.
12- Money.
13- Time Management.
14- Problem Solving.

III- The Good Life:
15- Happiness.
16- Personal Health
17- Physical Fitness.
18- Marriage
19- Children
20- Friendship
21- Peace of Mind.

This book is absolutely a Self-Discipline Bible. It is worth reading more than once, well, this is the way to incorporate any change in your life, by practice. And by re-reading this book, to enforce and embed what this book has to offer into your mind and character. It is a very wide and deep content with action exercises throughout each chapter, let it be your self-discipline bible!

No Excuses the Power of Self-Discipline PDF in Hindi

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