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Book: Naimatullah Shah Wali PDF Download

Author: Naimatullah Shah Wali

Size: 10MB

Book of Future Predictions by Hazrat Naimatullah Shah Wali (RA) in Urdu Translated into by Syed Zaid Hamid. Nemat Allah was a Persian Sufi and poet from the 14th and 15th centuries. He is revered by Sunni as a saint and by the Sufi order. Complete Urdu interpreted Book of 850 Years Predictions by Hazrat Naimatullah Shah Wali (R.A.) with a lot of clarifications and outline of future expectations (at pages 53 to 57) ordered by Nawabzadah Niaz Dil Khan is posted beneath. 

Wise people naturally like to say that there is no such thing as a creator. Man wants to be immortal, this world is disgusting, everything in the world is like poison, but man does not want to leave his birthplace, or does not want to leave the memory, or maybe man does not want to leave the man of love, because of which man wants to live. That is not possible, everyone will have to die one day.

But Dr. Ekram has solved this problem. He invented the formula of immortality but where is the proof? The proof is himself, he has lived for three centuries. He wanted to do many, many things with his discovery. But his formula is not the agabaga type. People got behind Dr. Ekram so. They are looking for Ekram. The formula wants them. Who are they? And they didn’t tell Ekram Kao anything about this formula, how did they know even after these three centuries?

Once upon a time, page after page of war, biobot versus biobot. Both are invincible. One is made by Dr. Ekram, the other is made for destruction. Who will win? Dr. Ekram made his biobot Azad to kill him. But why? Dr. Ekram is immortal. Sometimes Dr. Ekram’s biobot, Azad killed him but how did Ekram come back alive?

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Want to know the formula of immortality? Want to know the answer to everything? Then you must read Sajal Chowdhury’s ‘Thriller Fiction’ Fugitive. Let me tell you something myself, I first read Sajal Vaiya’s writing in Thriller Galpasankalan-4. “We” Oops! It was awesome. That was the best story I’ve ever had in that book.

My first eyebrows were raised when I saw the writing ‘Thriller sci-fi’. How is it again? Thriller is sci-fi again. Let me tell you about Vaiyar’s writing, I was so fascinated to spread the story around and come back to it a few hundred years ago and put it all together, so much so that the remnants of the book have not been cut yet.

(I tell my brother quietly, go ahead brother, you have something to give to Bengali literature) However, one thing I like about the book is that it is very informative. For those who read it, every line may have to be marked. I kept thinking, “Brother, how much do you read and go to write it?” (!!) It has been better than us. Brother, I will make a request, some of the questions that you did not write in the last one will be answered in the next book, can’t these be given? I mean, don’t keep any secrets.

Naimatullah Shah Wali PDF Download

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