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Book: Marvel Deadpool Comics PDF Free Download

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I finished this book a while back, but I needed to let it sit and marinate before tackling my review. I’m not sure why that is exactly. It’s not for fear of bias getting in the way of my review (I’ve long ago lost any pretension of objectivity when reviewing anything); it’s not because I didn’t have things to say. Perhaps it is simply that my enjoyment of the book and its quality don’t match, and I needed to reconcile that in and for myself before sharing it with others.

My enjoyment — I run a comic review website. Clearly I am a comic nerd. So I am of this book’s target audience, and it serves me and my brethren well. It is, essentially, a history of the creators and writers and artists and bureaucrats and greedy bastards and corporate villains who made Marvel the biggest comic book company of all time, and nearly drove it into the ground over and over and over.

It’s the story of Stan Lee maybe co-creating most of the big characters with Jack Kirby, and Jack Kirby maybe creating the big characters on his own, and Marvel the entitiy screwing Jack Kirby royally regardless of the role he had (Lee likes to claim he was in the same boat as Kirby and that he understood all along that his creations weren’t his own, but then Lee was working for the family in the family business when he created the big guns. Hardly the same boat, is it?).

It’s the story of psychedelic trippiness, cosmic tales, and LSD-inspired deadline pushes. It’s the story of creative infighting, of creative teams coming together and splitting apart. It’s the story of how Marvel’s liberal politics were always — and quite by mistake — at the forefront of social change and then pulled back when things got too hot. It’s the story of selling comics to kids, and ringing as much money from the wet towel as they possibly could in every way they possibly could.

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And that’s all the fun stuff.

The quality –I know I’ve been implying that the quality isn’t all it could be, and it isn’t, but it is important to note that it isn’t Howe’s writing that is lacking quality. He writes fine. It is his courage that is lacking.

We are left — in those moments I mentioned where Howe discusses the behind-the-scenes drama — with a sense that there is more, much more, that Howe knows that he’s not telling us. This book is touted as an “unvarnished” and “unauthorized” take on Marvel Comics and when a book takes that’s the stance it has to be braver by far than Marvel: The Untold Story.

Surely Howe discovered more about the Kirby/Lee battle over character creation. Where are the interviews with their colleagues? Howe mentions these folks, mentions that they know things or don’t know things, but he never tells us what those things might be.

Where is his investigation into the controversy? Where is his opinion? Where are his conclusions? Not here, that’s for sure, and this isn’t the only time he steers away from controversy.

There’s no discussion of how John Byrne’s Canadian super-hero, Northstar, a character of the 80s, was a gay man becoming mysteriously and gravely ill, of how we, the readers, all knew that Northstar was suffering from AIDs, and how Byrne’s plans were tossed aside right at the moment he fled to DC and took over Superman. These and other stories like them are where the real “untold” stuff sits, and Sean Howe simply didn’t do enough to fulfill the promise of his title. So … quality lacking.

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But there is one more quality issue, and that’s that this book will do very little for anyone with a passing interest in comics and nothing for people with no interest. It is for fanboys and no one else.

I wish it had been for everyone as I think it could have been. Perhaps that task will fall to someone else (or to Sean Howe once the players he’s protecting have passed away).

Marvel Deadpool Comics PDF Free Download

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