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[PDF] Kashf ul Mahjoob PDF Urdu FREE Download

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Book: Kashf ul Mahjoob PDF Urdu FREE Download

Author: Sayyid Ali bin Usman Hujweri

Size: 20MB

Kashf ul Mahjoob book in Urdu pdf free download very famous Urdu Islamic Kashf al Mahjub book  Download in PDF or read online. Kashf-ul-Mahjoob in Urdu translation written by Sayyid Ali bin Usman Hujweri. Kashf-ul-Mahjoob or Kashf al-Mahjub is the first-ever Persian book written on the philosophy and practice of Tasawwuf (Islamic Sufism). The creator of this Urdu book Hazrat Sayyid Ali receptacle Usman Hajveri is an exceptionally observed Sufi holy person of Pakistan, regularly called Data Ganj Bakhsh. 

The beginning of the formation of the earth is said to be 4.5 billion years ago. The intellectual revolution began only 60,000 years ago. Although mankind originated on this earth 6 million years ago today. Surprising but true is the arrival of Sepiens only 200,000 years ago. Even before that, human beings like Homo Rudolph, Humo Ergestar, Homo Denisova, Homo Erectus and Homo Neanderthal roamed the earth.

Neanderthals survived 30,000 years ago, even after the appearance of Sepians 200,000 years ago. After the extinction of Neanderthals, human domination was established in the world, although the practice of intelligence began 60,000 years ago. This book is a series of descriptions of the origin of Sepiens and the influence of history, science, religion, philosophy and economics on his journey to the present time.

The book criticizes the epoch-making agrarian revolution of 12,000 years ago, calling it a kind of man-made revolution, trying to argue and reason, but also critics of the author’s discussion of the agrarian revolution.
The book deals with the emergence of script, the advent of imperialism, the circulation of currency, the scientific revolution and many more.

As a reader I have mixed reactions to the book. At first I thought the author’s own views were expressed in different places, which is clear. The author does not hide his own opinion, so perhaps the reader can easily understand his opinion. Another thing is that the author has seldom come out of European superiority, if the book is the history of Sepiens, then no Sepiens can be deprived, in this case the author fails a bit.

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The book is very easy to read, those of us who are in a state of dizziness when we see non-fiction, this book will change that idea. You are less likely to lose by reading a book packed with different information. Whatever you can’t swallow, you will vomit, whatever will be digested will be invaluable.

Kashf ul Mahjoob PDF Urdu FREE Download

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