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Book: Islamic Child Names with Meaning in Urdu PDF Download

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Muslim Baby Boy and Girls Names with Urdu Meaning Book PDF Free download Bachoon K Qurani Nam (Quranic Name For Babies) with English to Urdu meaning, Islamic Names for Boys and Girls In Urdu Select your children name read Islamic names for boys and Islamic girls names from this book, Muslim baby names with Urdu meaning, Download Complete book for Islamic names and meanings. 

How many incidents happen behind the eyes of human beings in the world! How much do people know about it? Irwans work to keep them safe from all evils. People have given place to those who are called gods in the Puranas. Has created a fictional story. They continue to work to protect the Uruans. The catastrophe begins when the womb of eternal darkness is filled with human sin. And then they are seen to be in the role of star protectors.

The Iroquois monarchy is concerned about such an impending disaster. The chiefs sat in the meeting. The four guards at the four ends, Empress Isia, Khapori, Dryad, Sattar are all present there. But there is no way to cut the disagreement. Orchilis, the keeper of peace and law, has always been rude. He has no equal in abusing his own khapori. On the other hand, the keeper of love and kindness is very gentle.

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In return for their help in making weapons, the Satters want an unconditional statue of their prince Kalhel. The Dryaders, on the other hand, are completely angry at the Satters. Fenello has betrayed his team by loving Kalhel. Two people are also counting his fees. But the conflict between these two tribes did not end.
Five Irwans live in isolation in a vast depressing forest. Cadmill, Fabio, Itzel, Colel and Fenello.

Where is the safest way to be grouped in this perilous forest full of Kamazatz, Shabata, Uruan, why are they quarreling and separated from each other? Is this a wish of the mysterious Mother Nature? Or part of a deeper plan?
Three friends Yamin, Jennifer and Rohan. Mukhchora Yemin loves to be immersed in books. Jennifer’s protestant nature, friends say feminist. And Rohan is of Marquette nature. Jennifer is the only person who can control her, even if she is a bully around the world. One of the reasons is his weakness.

Yemin is also reprimanded for his sly nature. Their friendship is excellent despite their opposite characteristics.
He was supposed to go to the party one afternoon but the plan was canceled due to Yamin. Being bullied, he doesn’t want to go anywhere easily. Suddenly the familiar world changes as they cycle down the mountain road! Instead of going home, they fell into the deep forest!

This forest is terribly different from all other forests in the world. Instead of the vibrations of life and the chirping of birds, there is a cry of silence. Nature seems to be crying all the time. At the same time, all the supernatural dangers are coming one after another. A new story begins as the veil between man and Irwin is removed. That story is about loneliness, depression and pain. Where no bond can remain intact. Only one new story of pain was written after another. The cries of the forest will stop only if the conflict of land, water, air and fire can be met.

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Islamic Child Names with Meaning in Urdu PDF Download

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