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While this is billed as a fresh start for Iron Man, Tony is still feeling the existential angst caused by his death and resurrection. He responds to this by building a less powerful suit of armour and focusing on street-level crime for a change. Seems like an odd decision to me but Christopher Cantwell makes it work… to an extent.

The artwork in this is really nice and Alex Ross’ design for the new armour is really good, so there are no complaints from me on the visual side of things.

Story-wise, well, there’s good and bad as far as I’m concerned. As much as I’m always very happy to see Hellcat, particularly in the hands of a writer who clearly knows her history, the three-panel ending of Tony and Jan’s relationship seemed off and made Jan seem like she was dumping Tony because he didn’t have as much money any more, which is out of character for her.

I am enjoying the writer’s dealing with Tony’s self-doubt and not just sweeping it under the carpet; it gives the book a sense of continuity with the previous run. I’m enjoying the choice of villains, although I’m slightly on the fence still about Caldwell’s transformation of Korvac. I’m happy to give him the benefit of the doubt, though, and see where this goes in the next volume.

I was also happy to see two of my favourite characters making a return in this book, namely the Gargoyle and the fabulous Frog-Man. There was a bit of a continuity error with Misty Knight’s current status, but I’m trying not to let it bother me too much.

Overall, I’d give the artwork 4 stars and the story 3, for an average score of 3.5 stars. I’m going to round up, though, because I’m feeling generous and am genuinely interested to see where this goes in volume 2.

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Tony’s having a midlife crisis, or something, so he sells up his shares in Stark Unlimited, buys a buncha fancy cars and starts Fast and Furious-ing it up in the streets of New York! But an old Avengers foe, Korvac, is back with a new dastardly plan to steal the lightning and become a cyborg Jebus, or something. Big Iron? Big whoop.

Unfortunately Christopher Cantwell’s take on Iron Man doesn’t get off to a flying start and isn’t much better than Dan Slott’s dreary run was. I feel like there’s something good to be had here. Tony feeling fed up with the superhero game, the weird time jumps hinting at a possible neurological disorder, and questioning his purpose all seem like they could be developed into an interesting character study… but Cantwell doesn’t do anything of the sort here.

Instead he pairs Tony up with Patsy Walker/Hellcat (first Pepper, then MJ, now Patsy – Tony’s definitely got a type and that type is redheads!) so he has someone he can talk plot to which is: Korvac up to evil things ‘cos he’s an evil cyborg. Besides that we get to see how pitiful the Iron Man rogues’ gallery is as Tony punches nobodies called Unicorn, Cardiac and Melter. That’s probably why Cantwell drew from the Avengers’ rogues’ gallery for the big bad of this series – Tony’s got nothing.

I’m only guessing at the possible neurological condition because there’s no explanation for why the story jumps around like it does. Tony suddenly appears in a boxing ring fighting Crusher Creel and Arcade is somehow responsible; then he’s in a burger joint; then Rhodey’s kidnapped. Whu…huh…? And I don’t know why Korvac is obsessed with Christian imagery either. It’s an underwritten book even by first volume standards.

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The Alex Ross covers are amazing and I loved his Iron Man suit design. Cafu’s art throughout is also fantastic. The occasional scene was amusing too, like when Tony shows up unannounced at a school and gets told by the teachers that he’s interrupting the children’s schedule, and then losing it when Melter does what he does to his car.

Overall though it’s an unimpressive beginning with a weak and silly team-up at the end that leaves the story on a cliffhanger that I’m not keen on following up on. Iron Man, Volume 1: Big Iron is one big whatever.

Tony Stark is having a midlife crisis and decides to go retro with one of his old suit, he needs an outlet and Patsy Walker (Hellcat) comes along to be a shoulder to cry on. She doesn’t do a great job, when he confides in her. She corrects him telling him that he cannot refer to himself as a man as it’s not gender neutral. Then on another occasion where he’s feeling the pressure, she tells him that he deserves it because he’s a rich white guy. He tries to rebuttal by saying that he’s paid his dues being Iron Man and helping people but she just throws it back at him saying, what he meant to say is that he has given himself more power than any man should wield and that he deservers everything that’s come to him.

I don’t know what on earth they where trying to say in this but there was just so much hate towards being white and being a guy in this, I just found it unbearable. I know there are a lot of movements going on in the world in the moment and people are very passionate about rights. But do we really need it shoved down our throats in the comics? They’re supposed to be an outlet where we can gaze at our heroes taking out evil, instead of screaming at us about the colour of our skin or the situation we were born in. These are fictional characters a the end of the and trying to hold them accountable just seems silly, Iron Man’s been around since 1963. Society was different then, he never asked to be white or rich, both where inherited by his father so whey slate him for it?

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I’m all for deconstructing characters but there is a way to do it, you can’t slate the audience and expect them to agree with you. It doesn’t help when they’ve been doing the same thing with Iron Man since Superior Iron Man, Volume 1: Infamous, they just don’t know what to do with him. This is the third midlife crisis story we’ve had, Bendis did it, Slott did it and now Cantwell is doing it but the other two at least brought interesting ideas to the table. Like what if Tony Stark was a teenage black girl or what does it mean to be human, this just screams at you and just belittles a character, that a lot of us love.

Iron Man Comics pdf Free Download | Iron Man Comics Read Online

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