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[PDF] How to Win Every Argument PDF Download

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Book: How to Win Every Argument PDF Download

Author: Madsen Pirie

 TitleHow to Win Every Argument PDF : The Use and Abuse of…
 AuthorMadsen Pirie

How to Win Every Argument PDF Intro

How to Win Every Argument PDF is a self-development book, it was written by Madsen Pirie and published in 2015.

Madsen Pirie is a British researcher and author;
He was considered to be an outstanding professor of logic and philosophy.

How to Win Every Argument PDF is the ultimate book that shows you how to use, or rather, abuse logic in order to win every argument you find yourself in.

How to Win Every Argument PDF Book Review

“It’s not just a miracle, it’s a ritual. The son of a robber suddenly became a poet.” There was a time when if someone from a lower caste of the society did a good deed, his achievement would be ridiculed without applause. In the novel ‘Poet’, the author tells the story of the life of a wretched poet of that time who was born in the Dom dynasty, named Nitaicharan. Although everyone in the clan was a thief, Nitai’s dream was Gavigan.

In the absence of Kabiyal at the service fair, Nitai got the opportunity to sing and immediately surprised everyone at the fair. From then on, the story of a poet’s life began. Nitai ran away from his family and society and took refuge with his friend Rajan and started working as a porter at the station. Most of the time he works as a porter, and the rest of the time he sits at home practicing poetry.

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At this time he got acquainted with Rajan’s sister-in-law Thakurji. Nitaicharan’s attraction towards the black girl continues to grow. Nitai writes the song- “If black is bad, why do you cry when your hair is gray?” The relationship is slowly moving towards romance. But Thakurji is married, so there is a quarrel in her family for Nitaicharan. Then Nitai goes away, leaving Thakurji far away.

Then the aimless Nitai joins Jhumur’s group whose job was to play music, dance and prostitution. In that group, Nitai was introduced to Basanter (Basan). At first tuktaka naughtiness, naughtiness to love and love to marriage. But in Nitai’s mind, Thakurji has already made a home. Then how can one place two people in one mind!

How to Win Every Argument PDF will teach you how to identify weaknesses in other people’s arguments while also teaching you how to hide the ones in your arguments.
It will point out logic fallacies that pretty much everyone is guilty of, but it will also teach you how to get away with them.

How to Win Every Argument PDF Download

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