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[PDF] Homeopathic Medicine List With Disease in Urdu PDF Download

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Book: Homeopathic Medicine List With Disease in Urdu PDF Download

Type: Homeopathic Books

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Homeopathic Remedies For Men Health Diseases Jinsi Amraz book In Urdu Treatment of male health diseases treatment book in Urdu read book homeopathic medicine list with the disease in Urdu pdf Jinsi Amraz Ka Homeopathic Ilaj written by Homeopathy doctor Fateh Sher.

“The lifeboat is floating in the sea of ​​sin, I have built the Himalayas by accumulating sins one by one. Are these worthy of forgiveness? This question arises in the minds of many sinful Muslim slaves every time. In the heat of remorse, on the one hand, they burn, on the other hand, they look to the Lord with a look of doubt – “Are so many sins really worthy of forgiveness, Allah?”

But God is merciful. He is the mercy of Rahman! All the sins of the servant are forgiven only on a small condition – what a beautiful provision he has! Subhanallah! Unlike other religions, he did not provide atonement for sins by hurting himself physically or mentally. In return, the servant has given an invaluable medicine to keep this boiling faith alive – “repentance”.

Remember that great repentance? That adulterous woman who was honored in the way of God because of her sincere repentance? His single repentance was equal to the repentance of seventy people. How many oppressors, murderers, adulterers, liars, usurers, rapists have become dear to Allah only through repentance, what is his account? Just think, just because of this one small provision, the record of sins in your life will become bright again in the light of virtue.

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The author finds the book in a way that removes this “but” from the minds of his sinful siblings forever. He writes for those who desperately want to return to the path of religion, but Satan repeatedly reminds him of the excesses of his sins, and those who repeatedly doubt the Lord’s forgiveness and mercy. The book is based entirely on references.

Naturally, a penitent will want to hear a true event or revelation like his own to allay doubts in his mind, otherwise his doubts about God’s mercy will not be allayed in his mind. And there is a small fatwa episode where the sinful brothers and sisters have cleared their doubts through about 23 different questions. The author has briefly explained to us the rules of repentance, appropriate time, conditions and various other matters.

For those of us who are close to us in life who are sinners and who are eager to set foot on the path of religion, the book will remove all doubts like water, InshaAllah. This is a small book, so it won’t bother anyone. Hidden in the little book are the stories of many penitents who show us the way to the light of God’s mercy. However, in the last chapter, many incidents before the book are repeated, so it seems a bit monotonous.

Subject to the great purpose of the author, the reader is requested to look at this error from the point of view of forgiveness. Brothers and sisters! And why is it late? Gain nearness to God through repentance whenever you have the opportunity, knock down the mountain of your sins!

The book where women are not doctors can be more informative or you can talk to a health worker about it. Free download in PDF format files size 3 MB and total 50 pages. Jinsi Amraz Ka Homeopathic Ilaj by Fateh Sher. You may read Ghar Ka Doctor Homeopathy and Homeopathic Book in Urdu My Clinic by Dr. Shaukat Ali Shukani or Mardana Jinsi Amraz Aur Ilaj.

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Homeopathic Medicine List With Disease in Urdu PDF Download

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