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(PDF) Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince PDF Download

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Book: Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince PDF Download

Series: Harry Potter

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 TitleHarry Potter and the Half Blood prince PDF Download
 AuthorJ. K. Rowling,

Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince PDF Book Intro

The war VS Voldemort isn’t working out in a good way; even Muggle governments are seeing that. As in all wars, life goes on. 6th year understudies figure out how to Apparate – and lose a couple of eyebrows simultaneously. The Weasley twins extend their business. Young people tease and battle and begin to look all starry eyed at. Classes are rarely clear; however Harry gets some unprecedented assistance from the puzzling Half-Blood Prince.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince PDF Review

Before reviewing the book, it is necessary to say something about the background of its composition. The original book is a trilogy written in Dutch between 1938 and 1947. In the aftermath of World War II, the author, disturbed by the inhumanity of the Nazis, was inspired by the life style of Emperor Ashoka and began writing the book, although he had no idea of ​​the subcontinent before. This is the first and last book he wrote and the author found his peace of mind through this book. In 1986, the translator found the forgotten trilogy and brought it to the public in English.
Now come to the main review.

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This book is also a biography of Emperor Ashoka. It starts with teenager Ashok being rejected by his girlfriend because of his ugly face. One by one, the conflict over the throne with his elder brother Sumon, the palace politics, the relationship with his father Bindusara, Brahmanism and the conflict with his growing teenager Ashoka, and the first part ends with a tactical snatching of the throne. In the second part, we see Emperor Ashoka who killed his brothers for the throne, took thousands of lives in the battle of Kalinga to expand his power, and those horrible memories haunted him, so he took refuge in the shadow of the Buddha’s message of peace.

And in the last part we see the history of the famous Ashoka, who has conquered millions of minds in the word of peace, but his seemingly peaceful policy is weakened by someone, but he also practices monarchy, the price of which has to be paid to his beloved son Kunal. And the conflict between Buddhism and Hinduism escalated. Perhaps from there the seeds of the fall of the Mauryan Empire were sown.

It is surprising to think that the author has brought ancient India to life only through research. So Emperor Ashoka also became a man of flesh and blood. He also brought to life the Brahmanical and superstitious society of the time, as well as the philosophical thought of Emperor Ashoka. Even minor characters have received equal importance. The author also draws us deeply into Ashoka’s personal life. In a word, a historical magnum opus.

In some places, however, the author deviates from the main story, especially in the second part, and then goes on to discuss philosophically and other issues that sometimes slow down the pace of the story. Of course I have a little less of a problem moving forward by excluding those places. And the book is written in the old type Dutch language, the translation is also in a little old type English so I got quite a cost to read.
Even then, there is no pair of this book to know a great emperor and his time. A book to take the lesson on its way to ancient India for a while.

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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince PDF Download

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