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[PDF] GRE vocabulary English to Bangla pdf free download

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Book: GRE vocabulary English to Bangla pdf free download

Type: GRE Vocabulary

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I think that Admission missed out on a lot of opportunities to offer a complex and nuanced – and, ultimately, more interesting, in my opinion – story based on the 2019 Admissions scandal, instead becoming a fairly basic examination of rich girl privilege.

There were a lot of ways the author could have approached Chloe’s story. She could have explored the suffocating experience of having your parents micromanage your life, believing in your own capabilities so little that they resort to buying you opportunities. She could have considered the role of class mobility in Chloe’s particular case– how her mother clawed her way up from nothing, working her ass off and taking hits along the way, so that now she will do anything to give her daughter an easier life.

What Buxbaum did, however, was write a fairly cliched tale of a rich white girl learning a lesson about her own privilege. A lesson that comes with the loss of her best friend– a hardworking scholarship student who is black– who herself feels a bit like a one-dimensional learning tool who exists only for Chloe to see the error of her ways.

Such a story was not interesting to me. Chloe felt like a cardboard character. Flat, lifeless, stuck in a stupid rich girl cliche. Considering that she was by far the most developed character in the book, this didn’t make it easy for me to connect emotionally with anyone.

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It is also not very well-paced or plotted. The “Now” of the book is far more interesting than the “Then” chapters, which feel like filler, showing Chloe chatting with friends, worrying about her future, and developing a lackluster romance with a boy at school (seriously, why is he even in there?).

I guess if you are part of the 1% and have a “spare” fridge just for storing bottled water and still can’t figure out why everyone hates that your parents’ donations secured your place at university… then, this book might be the lesson you need. I found it didactic and, for the most part, uninteresting.

GRE vocabulary English to Bangla pdf free download

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