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Book: Gone with the Wind PDF Download

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 TitleGone with the Wind PDF Download
 AuthorMargaret Mitchell
 EditionLatest Edition

Gone with the Wind PDF Intro

Gone with the wind PDF is an authentic sentiment set in Georgia during the American Common War. The story includes the battles and love interests of conceited Scarlett O’Hara, the ruined little girl of an estate proprietor, who needs to utilize each means available to her to ascend from neediness following General Sherman’s ‘Walk to the Ocean’.

The affection coordinate between cheeky Scarlett and the appealing yet scornful Rhett Head servant has gotten one of the most well-known sentiments in fiction and on film. Truth be told, Gone with the Wind PDF won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1937 and the film variant got one of the most praised motion pictures ever, winning eight classes in the twelfth Institute Grants.

Gone with the Wind PDF Book Review

Impossibly beautiful, extraordinary, incomparable – no adjective might be enough for ‘Two Hundred and Thirteen Stories’. The novel ‘Two Hundred and Thirteen Stories’ will tell you the story of the medical life of Ifa, a resident of Room No. 213, MAG Osmani Medical College Hostel, Sylhet, and some of her close friends. In an effort to get a higher education, many of us have to step out of familiar boundaries and adapt to new environments, adapting to strangers.

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The same thing happened in Ifar. We had to migrate to Sylhet after overcoming the illusion of a long-known environment. Ifar’s parents were leaving the house in a hostel with tears in their eyes, my eyes were getting wet unknowingly. After spending the first eighteen years of his life at home, Ifar woke up and became accustomed to eating rice in his mother’s hands.

So, waking up to the sound of the alarm and standing in the canteen twice with a plate in his hand became increasingly unbearable. However, in the meantime, Ifar gradually became good friends with several girls in the hall. Those who were completely strangers on the first day of the hostel became the closest. Among the friends of Ifar, the names of Richie, Viva, Taru, Adrija, Rupa have to be mentioned separately.

Later, Avi, Shiplu, Ahnaf, Nurat, Maya and many more joined the Ifar friends list. Shortly after arriving in the hall, Ifara found her room, which was numbered ‘two hundred and thirteen’. Ifar roommates were Viva, Taru and Richie. This room number ‘two hundred and thirteen’ became the witness of the happy and sad feelings of Ifad. After reading some parts of the novel ‘Two Hundred and Thirteen Stories’, I was overwhelmed with laughter, and after reading some parts, I burst into tears. Again, I did not skimp on shedding tears after reading some parts.

I was saddened by the loss of Adrija’s unconsciousness, the loss of Taru’s phone, the post-mortem of a 14-year-old girl, the death of a beautiful girl due to family neglect, Gave joy. When Ifa sat down with her parents after passing the final prof, she said, ‘I passed, I became a doctor!’ – Ifar then the emotion seemed to touch me too. The stories of Ifar Intern Life seemed to remind us of all the sacrifices of the doctors.

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Ideal doctors never think of their own comfort. Sweating profusely in the scorching heat, they knelt on the ground and saw the sworn patient. In the face of the patient’s suffering, their own suffering is negligible. An ideal doctor does not hesitate to spend money from his own pocket for the treatment of a poor patient.

Honestly, the plot of the novel is very simple. However, it is this simple plot that Sulekhika Tasnia Ahmed has turned into an extraordinary novel thanks to her skillful writing. There is no way to understand that this is the author’s first novel! Many good wishes for the author. Now let’s come to the production quality. The production quality of ‘Two Hundred and Thirteen Stories’ is going to be higher than that of their other books, it has been said so.

There is a thing called peace of eyes, reading the book is really peace. Moreover, despite the spelling and grammatical errors in the previous books of my classmates, there are no mistakes in this book – which is really commendable.

Gone with the Wind PDF Download

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