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[PDF] Global Health 101 3rd Edition PDF Free

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Book: Global Health 101 3rd Edition PDF Free

Type: Health Books

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Download Global Health 101 PDF book free 3rd Edition – From Global Health 101 PDF:Global Health 101, Fourth Edition is a clear, concise, and user-friendly introduction to the most critical issues in global health. Drawing from his 40 years of experience working in international development and global health as well as teaching, the author illustrates key themes through an extensive set of case studies, examples, and the latest evidence.

This book is very important for those who want to know the poet-philosopher Iqbal and those who are interested in the inside and outside of Iqbal. The book is beautifully arranged in several parts. His lifestyle, relevance and influence, thought-philosophy, literature, book review, poetic talent are discussed in the form of each episode.

And the main moderator of this book was the rich writing of writers of different genres. Among the articles about different aspects of Iqbal’s life, Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi, Professor Abu Jafar, Iqbal’s son. Javid Iqbal’s essays were outstanding. This chapter is named “Life at the bend of the river”. By reading the articles, one can really guess the circumstances of his life, the different turns of life.

Iqbal has been evaluated by Golam Mostafa, a brilliant writer like Principal Ibrahim Khan. Dewan Mohammad Azraf, Professor Shahed Ali, Shah Abdul Hannan have written about “the relevance and influence of Iqbal” in literature. However, an important addition to this chapter is the article written by the poet Shankha Ghosh under the title ‘Ken Iqbal’.

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It seems that Iqbal’s philosophy has been able to make more impact than the poet Iqbal. Even the poet Iqbal has been called by many as the philosopher Iqbal. Some important writings about his “thought-philosophy” have been included in this chapter.

Dr. inside. Muhammad Shahidullah’s ‘Iqbal’s Life Philosophy’, Dewan Muhammad Azraf’s ‘History-Philosophy’, Ebne Golam Samad’s ‘Iqbal’s Art Philosophy’ were great writings. This will make us aware of Iqbal’s philosophy.

In the next chapter of literary criticism, poets like Fayez Ahmed and Amiya Chakraborty shed light on Iqbal’s literature. Iqbal’s “Book Review and Iqbal in Bengali” by Syed Ali Ahsan, Farrukh Ahmad, Syed Abdul Mannan, the first Bengali translator of Khudir in Asra, and Khushwant Singh’s eloquent essay “Iqbal’s Shikwa and Jawab Shikwa” were remarkable.

I think the quality of the book has been further enhanced by the addition of selected poems (translated poems) by Farrukh Ahmad, Begum Sufia Kamal, Al Mahmood and Iqbal’s poetic genius. Among the translators of Iqbal’s poems are Farrukh Ahmed’s ‘Khodar Farman’, Begum Sufia Kamal’s ‘Baal-e-Jibril’, Syed Abdul Mannan’s ‘Poet’, Amiya Chakraborty’s ‘Manab’, Golam Mostafa ‘Shama and Shayer’ Syed Ali Ahsan’s ‘Asrare Khudi’.

The poems have been compiled in the book. As many poems as have been read among the translators of Iqbal’s poems, it seems to me that Farrukh Ahmed’s translations are better and more lively. Finally, I would like to thank Abu Sufian Bhai, the publisher of the cover publication and the compiler of this book, for compiling such beautiful and rich essays and for covering it.

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Global Health 101 3rd Edition PDF Free

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