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[PDF] General Knowledge in Urdu PDF free download

Hello everybody. Today we will share General Knowledge in Urdu PDF free download link. We hope you will love this.

Book: General Knowledge in Urdu PDF free download

Type: General Knowledge

Size: 12 Mb

General Knowledge MCQS Urdu Book PDF Free Download or read online Urdu quiz questions and answers for NTS and PPSC Test by Hamid Iqbal Siddiqui. Maloomat ka Khazana General Knowledge MCQS Test quiz questions and answers for all class Shcool and college students.

How much do we know about this vast world …? Science explains many questions to us but there are many things beyond our grasp … I think this book by Gazi Ajmal and Gazi Asmat Sir is a great help in expanding the scope of our little brain. Starting with the variety and classification of animals, one after the other, human physiology, continuity of human life, defense of human body, genetics and evolution, this is a groundbreaking story.

The authors first introduce us to some of the most well-known and unknown creatures in this vast animal kingdom and awaken in our minds a “sea” of vast thoughts and mysteries. Gradually as readers, we also want to cut that “swimming in the sea”. The author then introduces us to a historically infamous and extremely ugly creature called “Hydra”.
Then comes the introduction of a very familiar and annoying insect called “Grasshopper”.

The author brings to our attention our very familiar and favorite “Ruimach” which almost all of us have tasted at least once in our lives. Already in our minds the desire to swim in that “sea” has caught fire. The writers have created the human body without having to worry about animals. Then, one by one, with all the “thrilling” details, they present to us all the much-needed feats of the human body.

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Starting with the digestion and absorption of the human body, the authors end the activities of the human body through coordination and control through blood and circulation, respiration and respiration, waste and excretion, movement and movement. The authors then introduced a chapter entitled “The Continuity of Human Life” in which human reproduction is discussed in detail, which is really very interesting.

Then there is some discussion about the human body’s immune system.Then comes the chapter on genetics and evolution. I especially want to blame a man named Charles Darwin for the incarnation of this chapter. It is because of his groundbreaking theory that we have survived this chapter. Then the book ends with a chapter called Animal Behavior.

General Knowledge Champ Quiz The valuable book “General Knowledge Champ Quiz” by renowned poet and quiz master “Hamid Iqbal Siddiqui” is being presented at your service today. This is the first authoritative and comprehensive book on its subject. Hope you like this Urdu book. You can also download Amazing General Knowledge Urdu Champ book Aaina Maloomat e Pakistan General Knowledge MCQs Book or Muslim Quiz Competition 1000 Questions And Answers Urdu.

Hamid Iqbal Siddiqui Poet, Writer, Journalist, Composer, Quiz Master, Radio and TV Artist. Assistant Editor: Monthly Poet Mumbai. Chairman: Quiz Time Mumbai. Proprietor: His Publications Hamid Iqbal Siddiqui has published seven books so far and has received numerous awards for his literary and educational services. 

General Knowledge in Urdu PDF free download

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